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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jamesville-DeWitt High School is currently having its 7th annual Pink Out.











October 2017

State of the School 2017

May 2017

J-D National Honors Society Welcomes the Class of 2018

The Regents Exam Is Making Changes

End of the Year Tips

Hit the Waves at Junior Prom

J-D Day is on the Horizon

March 2017

Leadership Academy Gets a Visit from Jamaican Bobsled Team

Science Olympiad Caps Off a Successful Season

Sofia Liaw's Busy English Weekend

February 2017

Baylor Football Scandal Highlights Prominent National Issue

Tuition Free SUNY

Science Olympiad Experiments with Competition

MUN Brings Holocaust Remembrance Day to J-DHS

J-DHS is Cracking Down on Drugs and Alcohol

January 2017

Trump Inauguration

Midterms Kick-Off the New Year at J-D

J-DHS Students Dominate In Comic Contest

December 2016

Don't Drink that Water!

Commemorating Shawna Marzella

One Pint for Three Lives

Fashion Fundraiser Success

J-D Students Send Out Their College Applications

Snow Day in November?

J-D Girls Lacrosse Fundraises with Fashion

November 2016

The First Vote for J-D Seniors in a Crucial Election

A Presidential Race to Remember Nears the End

J-D Students Take Part it a New York Times Cartoon Contest

J-DHS Tunes in to the Presidential Debates

Renovations are in Sight for J-D

Class Sizes on the Rise

New Driving Simulator Makes a Pit Stop At J-D

October 2016

A Colorful New Twist on Fundraising at J-D

Jamesville-DeWitt High School Experiments With Assigned Parking Spots

JDHS Recovers from the Flood

Clowns Take to the Streets

September 2016

New Faces on J-D Campus

State of the School 2016

June 2016

Mr. Keefe Starts His New Adventure

Mr. O'Brien's New Identity

May 2016

Music Trip to the Capital

Mr. Benedict Bids Farewell

Mr. Bennett's Long History at J-DHS Comes to an End

Pennies for Patients

A Quick End to Spring Break

Almost Time for Almost Maine

J-D's Very Own Genius Bar

State of the school 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.29.47 AM.png

Once again, Jamesville-DeWitt High School is ranked as one of the premier schools in New York State by U.S. News and World Report. Yet, the administration is committed to maintaining the success J-D has achieved in the past by improving different facets of the school. 

For the past few years, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students and students across New York public high schools have faced the math Common Core exams in early June. 


April 2016

Political Powerhouse Takes the Regional Market

The Gaping Hole in Politics

Science Olympiad Students Star on Bridge Street

New Requirements for Same, Old Process

March 2016

Cracking Down on Drugs and Alcohol

Is the Board Policy on Food in School Nuts?

Freshmen see "To Kill a Mockingbird" at Syracuse Stage!

February 2016

Students Begin Their Journey to El Salvador

JED Talks 2016

December 2015

Paris Reactions

J-D MUN Club Declared Winner at Hilton

Food Drive for the Holidays

November 2015

Number 847 in the Country, Number 1 in Your Hearts

Future Mentors in Violence Prevention

JD is Now A Google School

October 2015

New Faces to Fill Empty Spaces

This Year's PSAT Curveball

September 2015

New Faces to Fill the Empty Spaces

College Board Recreates the SAT

Mentor in Violence Prevention Program

Ramming in the Arts

June 2015

Gender Equality for J-D

Not going to College?

Time to Ball

A Year in Review

May 2015

J-D Shows they Care about Nepal

Summer Jobs Will Keep Students Busy in 2015

J-D Seniors Find Their Homes For Next Year

Mr. Pilcher's Final Feats of Clay

J-D Day 2015!

Time to Ball!

Go Mathletes!

No More Physics Trip?

April 2015

J-DHS Students' Plays Get Recognized

Junior Prom 2015

Mock Trial Finishes 4-1

Science Olympiad Finishes Strong

Annual Poetry Contest Has Taken Off

National Scholastic Art Winners at J-D

Pennies for Patients? How about $1000!

The BLT Works to Improve the Climate at J-DHS

March 2015

ARC Meeting

National Merit Scholar


Need a Prom Dress?

Poetry Pushes Students to Succeed


J-DHS Book Club Makes a Difference Around the World

Model United Nations For the Win

Singing 'Au Revoir' to Two School Trips

February 2015

Why are 86% of girls at J-DHS uncomfortable?

J-DHS Students Dominate at 2015 Scholastic Art Awards

El Salvador: The Trip of a School Career

New Cell Phone Policy Comes to J-DHS

Fuel Up to Play 60 comes to J-D!

Are Midterms Necessary?

How are new food restrictions affecting J-DHS?

January 2015

Seniors put their education into action

Double Down Does it Again

Ferguson Reactions


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