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Signing day: Girls Lacrosse


Jamesville-DeWitt High School has seen and will be seeing several new improvements to the building.  Some improvements that have already been made are adding more of the environmentally friendly water fountains around the school.


Chick-Fil-A grand opening 

Chick-Fil-A is opening its first restaurant in Upstate New York this February. It will be located in Cicero, NY on Route 11. Construction started in late August of 2017, but was originally supposed to begin three months earlier in May.

What happened to the school store?

Did you know we have a school store? The store is open twice a week during activity period, on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The club meets twice a month and decides what to stock in the store.  They currently sell Gatorade, water, gum, chips, Chewy granola bars, lollipops, and candy.  



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