Spanish Students Venture To The West Side

By Wryann Ross

Staff Writer


A few weeks ago, while everyone was taking notes and listening to teachers, Señora DeJesus’s sixth period A/C Spanish class went on a field trip. They went to a place called La Casita, which is a museum located on Syracuse's West Side near Nojaim’s grocery store. The museum was an artifact expo from different members of the community, and since the class was doing a trip on immigration, Señora DeJesus thought it would be neat for the students to see the artifacts and how they relate to the people who brought them to the museum.

While there, the class went on a tour and explored some artifacts that brought out the history of the Spanish culture in Syracuse. While the whole tour was conducted in Spanish by Tere Paniagua, the executive director of La Casita Cultural Center, the class still felt how important the Spanish culture really is in Syracuse.

“Even though Syracuse is not a big city, like New York (City), and even though we don’t have as much Spanish culture as New York (City), this museum still showed us that we have some Spanish culture here,” said senior Albania Mitchell, a member of the class.

Mitchell also said that the tour truly showed the rich cultures in Syracuse. “Every piece in the museum had a story behind it, and the tour guide could tell all the stories because they were stories from here,” said Mitchell. “They were from personal people that the tour guides knew very well, which made it more interesting.”

The tour was more than just a walking lecture. The tour was actually a scavenger hunt/ fact-finding mission. This made the tour fun and educational for the class. But some things about the fact finding search fell short. For some students, it was hard to truly understand the art piece because there were no captions under them. So they would have to ask a tour guide to explain to them what the piece meant. Some students also said that the tour was a little short, because they only had so much time before they had to return back to the school. But, overall the trip as a whole was very pleasing. They even went to a new restaurant called Omi’s bakery, also located on the West Side, at 523 Marcellus St. which serves Puerto Rican and Carribean foods.The new restaurant replaced Consuela’s, which was owned was Jan Maloff.

“I ordered pork and yellow rice. It was good, but it didn’t have a lot of flavor to it. It was also a cute scenery, very ethnic, it had bright colors, just like how a Puerto Rican restaurant would look,” said senior Cameron Buck.

As for the class, they haven’t made any other trips yet, but the Spanish club is just getting started planning their trip to New York City for a weekend in April to explore the Spanish culture life and learn more about la Cuidad de Nueva York.