Seniors' Sentiments

By Carly Stone and Abby Shaw

Staff Writers

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Senior year has begun for the Jamesville-DeWitt High School class of 2015 and with that comes many emotions, thoughts, and last memories as a Red Ram. Many of the seniors feel that their final year is going to be a breeze and all too quickly they’ll be off to college. As for right now, they will cherish the perks of being the oldest ones in the school. “I like that I can walk through the halls and be the oldest. It’s nice that I don’t have to care what others think,” said senior Alyssa Robens.

“So far I love senior year; it is so nice to have freedom, and the classes aren’t that difficult compared to last year,” said senior Maria Bussone. “I like knowing that I will be attending college next year, but something that stinks is I still have a lot of homework and the start of the college process is tough,” said senior Emily Clapper.

Senior year offers not only seniority but little bonuses to make this year truly the best one yet. “Not having to walk all the way up from the junior lot is probably the best thing ever,” said senior Maggie French. With the option to park closer to the main entrance, mornings are a little less stressful for some. Instead of enduring the time-consuming walk from the junior lot, senior drivers get front row spots. “It’s nice because you don’t have to get to school as early since the walk is short,” said senior Julia Slisz. “When the weather gets worse it won’t be as bad knowing I have a shorter walk in the morning,” said senior Jake Eich.

Some other advantages of senior year is the chance to be in a senior study hall, have early dismissal or late arrival. “Early D is nice because I am able to take mad naps” said senior Alex Dieroff, “and a senior study hall is nice because we get to use our phones, which when we were underclassman we weren’t able to use.”  Even though some seniors don't have early dismissal or late arrival year-round, they agree it’s worth it even for a short time. “I have late arrival the second half of the year and I’m already looking forward to it,” said Slisz. For seniors like Caroline Kopp, Izzy Melton, Julie Harrison, and Dieroff who have early dismissal, coming to school isn’t so bad knowing they don’t have to stay the full six hours. “Early D is bae,” said Harrison. “Sometimes I’ll leave when I have lunch and take a nap which is helpful because of soccer,” said Kopp.

Senior year should be one of the most enjoyable times of your life. With all the benefits offered at J-DHS, it is likely that it will be for the seniors here. Even though some may not get any of these benefits, with the atmosphere and excitement for the future, it is hard not to enjoy it while it lasts.