The REDucators

By Chris Wood

Editor in Chief


If you look around the halls on the last Wednesday of every month here at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, there has been a sea of red, made up of the faculty. Every month, the J-D Faculty Association, chooses a day where all participating members wear a red t-shirt that they purchased and then donate money to support a cause or group within the J-D community. Each time the union does a Red Out, the proceeds go to a cause that the faculty has decided on.

“Every time we have a Red Out, teachers are asked to give a donation, and that donation is going back to the community and back to the students,” says Hank Cline, Spanish teacher and the union representative for the high school. For the October Red Out, the union donated the money to the music department to buy new instruments. He is the “conduit through which all of the information flows” to the high school faculty. Mr. Cline spreads the information of when the Red Out is, where the proceeds are going and any other union news. 

The decision to start these Red Outs was created by a committee within the executive council of the union. But, Jody Schwedes, a third grade teacher at Moses DeWitt Elementary, has been the person that has led the program. “She spearheaded it and she has worked out the details,” said Mr. Cline.

The effects that the Red Outs have had are great. “To look across the halls and see the solidarity, I think it’s a very powerful thing,” said Mr. Cline. He feels that these fundraisers are a great way to promote unity throughout the J-D staff and it makes the staff feel like they are on a team. “It’s a good fundraiser,” said Caroline Hill, District-Wide Computer Assistant. “It has a positive impact on the J-D community and it builds a strong bond throughout the faculty at the school,” said Hayley Nies, Computer Assistant and Head Coach of the Varsity Girls Soccer team.