Rambunctious Returns for Another Year!

By Amy Shen and Milena Romano

Staff Writers

“A writer is never truly satisfied with what they write, that’s why they continue to write,” says senior Ryan Page, member of Rambunctious. If that quote speaks to you, then you should know Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s student-run club Rambunctious puts together a literary magazine of student submitted literature and artwork. The deadline for first issue’s submissions is Thursday, Oct. 23 at midnight. Send your work into jdrambunctious2015@gmail.com.

Students usually submit fiction and poetry, but English and Creative Writing teacher Matt Phillips, who is adviser of Rambunctious, hopes to “open the range of what constitutes writing” by including humor writing, journalism, essays and comics. There are a limited amount of spots available in the magazine, so club members have to judge each submission. “We do only want to print the best,” said Mr. Phillips.

There are around 15-20 club members that organize submissions and put them together in a literary magazine layout. The first issue will be printed before the Christmas holidays this year. A full color glossy magazine is printed, and each are about 60 pages long. They sell for either $5 or $8, depending on the size of the magazine. Two to three issues are printed each school year. You can also access the magazine online through the J-DHS website as a PDF file. http://www.jamesvilledewitt.org/tfiles/folder331/Rambunctious%20S14%20small.pdf

Rambunctious Club Vice President, senior Patrece Martin, said getting people to submit is the most challenging part of the club. However, Mr. Phillips thinks co-ordinating everything is the hardest part; “if one person misses a deadline, everything can spiral out of control.” Another challenge is described by Page, who believes that perfecting the students’ work over and over again is what’s most difficult part about the club’s work.

Even with all the issues they face, club members enjoy the club. “I like how I can be on the other side of writing, and it’s cool to be the editor and look at other people’s writing and see what they can improve,” says club member, sophomore Melissa Gao. Page finds being proud of all the work he’s done the most enjoyable part about the club.

Rambunctious magazine readers senior Brian Ciepleki and senior Alana Jones believe Rambunctious should advertise more and get submissions from a broader group of students in order to improve the magazine, however they also enjoy seeing all of their fellow students’ work in the magazine and say it is enjoyable to read.

The club meets most Fridays in Room R30 during activity period and anyone can join.