Prom Preparations

By Reed Jaworski and Jack Brotzki

Staff Writers

“It only happens once, so you should take advantage of it and enjoy it,” said junior class Co-Vice-President Saqif Badruddin, of the Junior Prom, which will be at Jamesville-DeWitt High School on May 10, from 7-11 pm. Tickets cost $30 for juniors, or $35 for non-juniors/non-J-DHS students. The junior prom is quickly approaching, and the junior class has a lot in store for this year’s attendants.

    This year the prom has a Hollywood theme. “Bright lights, a red carpet, and a photo booth will be some of the attractions this year,” said Badruddin. The goal is to simulate what it would be like to be a Hollywood star, showing off your strut on the carpet, and “posing for a paparazzi” in the photo booth.

“They’re nice little breaks in the action,” said junior class Co-President Kallen Prosak about these attractions. This is because the principle part of prom is dancing with your date. For the first time in what seems like forever, J-DHS will not be having Armauni Allen, or “DJ Jett” as disc jockey. Instead, Wannajam Productions will be in charge of the music for the night.

Many juniors are getting ready for prom. “I’m getting very excited to get dressed up and be with all my friends,” said junior Cortney Vaughn. Junior Brian Cieplicki agrees, saying that it will be fun to dance and “let loose.” Other students, such as junior Josh Gutmaker have different reasons for wanting to attend prom. “I’m going for the chocolate fountain,” said Gutmaker. Junior Adrian Autry agreed with Gutmaker. No matter the reason, students still have to ask others to the prom.

Some of the more over-the-top promposals have been quite talked about in the junior class. One such example was junior Ryan Durkin’s. Per sophomore Grayson Burns, Durkin put a fake parking ticket on his date’s car that said “prom” on it. “She got flustered, but she loved it,” said Burns.

Autry and Cieplicki both believe that junior Jacob Eich had the best promposal. “His Batman sign on the wall was very creative,” said Autry. Eich used a flashlight to make the sign on his date’s wall.

Juniors Joe Morgan and Joe Murphy combined to do a duet to ask their dates to prom. The two took one of their favorite songs, and replaced the words, so that by the end, it was a promposal. To their delight, their Fayetteville-Manlius High School dates, Nichelle Oquendo and Sophia D’amico, repectively, said yes.

Other students think that incorporating food makes for the best promposal. Junior Anna Smith and sophomore Molly Smith agree, saying that tasty treats are a key to asking someone. “It was really cute how Jake Parker asked Arianna Hege to prom by making M&M’s that said ‘prom?’ on them,” said Anna Smith.

Junior Bella Hylen was asked with food as well. “Josh Frank gave me a burrito that said prom on the wrapper,” said Hylen. She thought it was a very nice way to be asked. Some students, however, prefer a more simplistic approach.

Junior Mack Palin believes the best promposal was a text message sent by one of his friends. “It was short and sweet and to the point, making it seem pretty classy,” said Palin.

Aside from finding a date, students are also tasked with the challenge of finding an outfit. Badruddin plans to get his tuxedo from J.C. Penney’s. Burns and Autry are planning on going to Men’s Wearhouse for theirs. On the other hand, Gutmaker and Palin already own their outfits that they plan to sport for the occasion.

Anna Smith plans to get her dress from a place out in Rochester, while Hylen plans to go to Boom Babies.