Freshman Face A New Year

By Maddie Scullion, Marissia Potamianos, and Kate Salvo

Assistant Editor for Promotion and Editors for Production

Photo by Vincenzo Digristina

Photo by Vincenzo Digristina


For the students at Jamesville-Dewitt High School, Labor Day doesn't just mean barbeques and pool parties. It means in two short days they’ll be kissing summer goodbye and saying hello to the 2014-2015 school year. For the incoming freshman it also means the start of a new chapter at a new school.

Overall, freshman had a successful first day, but there was a lot of stress and anxiety. Part of the reason most freshman thought that the first day was “confusing” and “stressful” is because the school is so big and there are a “a lot of bigger people,” says freshman Spencer Schultz. and throughout the halls of J-DHS mostly because of the new and bigger school.“The first day of school was stressful because I was in a new place with all new people.” says Alexis Phillips who sums up the emotions of the first day of school. Similar to Cappelletti, freshman Grace Vandermolen said “my first day was pretty good, it’s a lot bigger than the middle school and the classes are so much longer and lunch is really different,” Freshman Kellen Mulvihill thinks J-DHS is “different, but awesome!”  

How long did the stress last? Cappelletti said “I got lost one time on the second day of school.” Schultz also got lost during the first week of school. “I just found someone who was going the same place as me and I walked with them,” he says. Unlike most people, freshman Markos Petkopolous didn’t get lost. “I found out that it was not that hard to get around,” he says.

Compared to the 40 minutes periods in the middle school, most freshmen enjoy the block sceduling at J-DHS more. Modesti says its because we “learn more and get extra time to do homework and get extra help.”  “The day seems to go by a lot faster and we get more done,” said Cappelletti. “ I like how we don't have the same classes everyday,” said Vandermolen. Freshman Sonali Patel disagrees, saying that she doesn’t like the length of the classes. “If I dislike the period, it can be really boring,” said Schultz.

Having classes with students older then them is also a change freshman have to get accustomed to. “I like having lunches with all grades because you can see people you know from other grades,” said Cappelletti. “Having classes with upperclassmen is helpful because they are more experienced and you can learn form them,” said Schultz. Petkopolous agrees, but adds that he can “see how it could be intimmedating.” Vandermolen and Modesti said that they like having the opprotunity to meet new people. “I’m more challenged when I’m with upperclassman,” said Vandermolen.

Besides a bigger building and longer classes another exciting change is clubs and electives. At J-DHS there are many clubs. Vandermolen is in French, Spanish, Dance and Key club. Cappelletti is in Key Club with Vandermolen.  Cappelletti is taking more academic electives such as graphic communication and creative writing. Where as, Vandermolen is taking art electives, photography and media production.

One thing that hasn’t changed and has helped freshman with their trasition to the high school are sports teams. Philips and Cappelletti swim on the Varisty Swim team, Modesti plays Junior Varisty Soccer and Patel plays Junior Varsity Tennis.

“It’s been a stressful first week, but I’m excited to see what the rest of year is going to brings!” says Phillips