Mrs. Vieau changes her view for next fall!

By Meghan Byrnes and Morgan Brang

Features Editor and Entertainment Editor


Our guidance office secretary, Anne Vieau, will be changing her view next fall. After four years of working at the high school, Mrs. Vieau is returning to Jamesville Elementary School, where she worked for seven years before coming to Jamesville-Dewitt High School. But why is she leaving? “I used to work at Jamesville Elementary School and I have a lot of friends there,” said Mrs. Vieau. “Although I have a lot of friends here, I just thought it would be a nice change to go to the elementary school,” she added. 

The counselors are devastated by her leaving, but are very happy for her and her new opportunity. All of the counselors agree that it is Mrs. Vieau’s personality that they will miss the most. Some of the common words used to describe Mrs. Vieau have been fun, kind, and humorous. “She has a good sense of humor so even on the stressful days she finds a ways to have fun and enjoy the day,” said guidance counselor Clete Gualtieri. “Just seeing her beautiful face everytime I walk in in the morning is something I will definitely miss,” said Will Hartley, student assistance counselor. Guidance counselor Amy LeStrange agrees with Mr. Hartley; “she’s very fun and she always comes to work with a smile on her face.” Guidance counselor Denise Becher will miss her long, funny stories. Her stories are sometimes so lengthy that Ms. Becher will jokingly have to tell her to “land the plane.” 

Secretary Barbara Barker splits her time as a secretary between the main office and the guidance office, so she has gotten to work quite closely with Mrs. Vieau. Mrs. Barker has really enjoyed her time with Mrs. Vieau because “she knows it all.” Much like many of the counselors, Mrs. Barker will remember Mrs. Vieau’s humor. “Her knowledge of the counseling center and her friendship are what I will miss the most,” Mrs. Barker added. 

Outside of the guidance office, Mrs. Vieau enjoys playing golf. “I’ve been playing for 20 years ever since my kids were little,” said Mrs. Vieau. Along with golf, Mrs. Vieau knits and participates in yoga, referring to herself as “such a nerd.” 

Even though Mrs. Vieau is excited about returning to Jamesville Elementary, there are many things she will miss about J-DHS, especially the people. “I’ll miss the counselors and the kids I’ve gotten to know,” said Mrs. Vieau. Mrs. Vieau saw many of the seniors grow up from elementary school when she was working at JES. She enjoys working with high schoolers because she likes chatting with them and getting to know them, but the younger kids are very fun because they always have funny stories for her.

Because they may not have met with her personally, many of the students at J-DHS may not even know who Mrs. Vieau is, or how very important she is to so many aspects of this school. Since she works in the guidance office, she helps the counselors make the schedules for the students and get their transcripts ready. Mrs. Vieau also helps get students’ transcripts to coaches if they are interested in playing a sport in college. “I help with the awards and that kind of stuff, so it’s a pretty busy job,” said Mrs. Vieau. Guidance counselor Diane Ennis recognizes how essential Mrs. Vieau is to their daily operations; “I will miss her organization, patience, and dedication.”

At JES, she will be working in the office and helping out with the day-to-day activities. “Some kids forget what bus they are supposed to go on, or hear about an after school activity that they want to stay for so I have to make sure everyone goes where they are supposed to go,” said Mrs. Vieau. “I’ll be working with Mrs. Tedeschi who used to be a (vice) principal here and she’s going to be wonderful to work for,” she added.

In her four years here, Mrs. Vieau has gotten to know a few students quite well. Sophomore Sarah Nevin met Mrs. Vieau through fellow sophomore Simone Lavallee during her freshman year. Nevin is also one of the students that attended JES while Mrs. Vieau worked there. Since they met, Nevin has been doing little jobs for Mrs. Vieau and visiting her in her office. “I’ll miss just getting to talk and hang out with her,” said Nevin. “She’s always a really friendly face when you walk into the counseling center and wants to know what’s going on and what’s new in your life,” said senior Olivia Jasinski. Jasinski knows Mrs. Vieau because her parents got to know each other through working in the district together. Sophomore Paddy Hagan remembers Ms. Vieau from his time at JES. “She was always there to help if you ever had a question,” said Hagan.

The students and faculty here at the high school who have gotten to know Ms. Vieau will miss her dearly, but wish her the best in all of her endeavors.