Happy Break Everyone!

By Danny Mulvihill and Kerry Keeler

Staff Writers


The holiday season is here and students are excited for the break, this year more than ever since it’s two weeks. Most students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School are going to be visiting with their families and enjoying holiday traditions like frosting cookies and opening one present on Christmas Eve. Others are traveling to visit their families. Some students have practice over break as early as 8 a.m. and aren’t too thrilled about it.

All of J-DHS is excited about the break. Sophomore Simon Schmitt-Hall is excited about visiting with family and celebrating Christmas. Science Teacher Amy Boettger is going to travel to Tampa, Fla. to visit her family and plans to play golf on Christmas Day. Senior Tyler Duby is also happy with the two-week break and says “it really helps make my senior year great.” Nobody is sure why it’s extra long this year but junior Dylan Volk thinks that we deserve it. Senior Allison Butler is always thrilled to be doing holiday traditions like decorating her Christmas tree and going over to her grandmother’s house to visit and celebrate. Sophomore Jesse Johnson doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so he’s excited to wind down and relax by watching television and eating some chips. Freshman Dylan Lichenstein will “ sleep, eat, and game.” Maybe some classic sledding will happen as well.

The holiday season is a crucial time for the economy because around 70 percent of the economy is based off of consumer spending during this season of giving, according to a Reuters article from October of this year. Junior Jack Harrington thinks that the most popular gifts this holiday season are Apple brand products and sophomores Teresa Werbowski and Ethan Della Posta agree. One of the most popular Apple products being wished for is the iPhone 5S. Johnson thinks that clothing will be the most popular gifts for Christmas. Sophomore Griffin Netti thinks that the two new gaming systems, the Play-Station 4 and Xbox One, are definitely the most popular gifts, and says that they are already sold out in most stores. Freshman Tate Horan said that all he asked for was to go on vacation to Cancún with his family.

Even though it’s holiday break, many people still have practice to attend. Sophomore Alden Coyne has swim practice for her club team over break, and it starts around 7 a.m. She doesn't mind it, though, because she loves to swim, and she still has time to relax and watch Netflix. Sophomores Nolan Barth and Tyler Muller are on the wrestling team and says they have practice every day except for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Barth doesn’t mind though because it’s “less than what we usually have to do.”