Advice for Incoming Freshman

By Aryana Nazem, Aimee Comanici, and Emily Hauser

Staff Writers and Assistant Editor for Promotion

The start of freshman year can be a scary, but exciting time. The idea of getting used to new classes, new teachers, and new people can be a lot to deal with. In keepting with the Jamesville-DeWitt High School family atmosphere, this year’s senior class has put together their thoughts and advice to hopefully make this transition easier.

One of the first school wide events home Varsity Football games, and homecoming. “Don’t sit in the front row for the football games, because it’s reserved for seniors, and they are really mean when they get mad.” said Patrice Martin. After the game, many students like to celebrate. “Don't do anything illegal on school grounds for homecoming,” advises Riley Hornstein.

Relationships are very important to make, and keep, throughout high school. “Join a lot of clubs now, during freshman and sophomore year, and join sports teams, because you make a lot of friends,” said Saqif Badruddin. Badruddin also said that freshman need to keep good relationships with their teachers. As for us “scary” seniors, “don’t be intimidated by the upperclassmen,” said Adrian Autry, because “they won’t bother you.” Molly Kantrowitz agrees; “don't be scared of the seniors because they really aren't paying attention to anything you do.”

Time management is also a very important skill to have. “Manage your time wisely because you will get behind and get bad grades and you will be way too overwhelmed,” said Arielle Nagar. “It may seem like homework doesn’t matter, but it does in the long run,” said Autry. “Do your homework the night that it is assigned instead of waiting an extra night,” advises Rachel Redmore. “Stay focused and find a balance between sports and school because grades count,” said Essence Britt. Britt also said that the Guidance Office is a helpful place to go when you’re feeling overwhelmed. “Study, because your grades count as part of your GPA and freshman year counts just as much as junior and senior year,” reminds Maria Bussone.

The dozens of J-DHS seniors interviewed all gave similar advice to have a good work ethic and never to put off your school work because your freshman grades add up in your senior year. However, a few seniors had different views on freshman year. “Step outside your comfort zone and try new classes that you usually wouldn't take,” said Hannah Gibson. “Go for the dances, do the dress-ups, because it makes high school more fun,” said Sarah Marron. Brian Cieplicki said that freshman shouldn’t wait for junior year to explore new things; instead he says to start from the beginning and try a sport or a club.  Freshman should try to keep a balance between the doing their work and getting involved in the school.