Fall is here!

By Liz Redmore and Emily Pomeroy

Staff Writers

As the 2014 school year begins, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students look forward to various fall traditions. The turn of the seasons has everybody excited for the leaves changing color and colder weather, to football games at J-DHS.

An activity that students look forward to each fall is going to the orchards around Syracuse and picking their famous apples. “My favorite part of fall is my tradition of going apple picking with my family,” said sophomore Caroline Darcy. One of the most popular places to go is Beak & Skiff Apple Orchard in Lafayette, NY, according to the J-DHS students. “I have been going to Beak & Skiff since I was little and look forward to going there every year,” said freshman Griffin Cook. While at the orchards, many pick out their pumpkins along with their apples. “I love to pick out my pumpkins and carve awesome designs into them,” said junior Meg Parker.

Besides picking apples every year, J-DHS students also look forward to their favorite beverages in autumn. Several of the students interviewed said their favorite drink in the fall season is apple cider from the apple orchards or Wegmans, but some said more original drinks were their favorite. “My favorite fall drink is the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks,” said senior Paddy Hagan.

A popular response from the J-DHS students for their favorite fall event was to attend the football games, especially homecoming. The community gathering and the school spirit of the annual game brings everybody together in one place to cheer on the team. “It’s football season, which is the best part of fall, because I enjoy going to their games to cheer them on,” said sophomore JV quarterback Matt Cappelletti, who says he looks up to the varsity players to improve his game.

As the school year starts and the weather becomes more frigid, the new fashion trends begin to blossom. In the students’ opinions, the new style seems to be bringing back old clothing trends. “I have noticed that crocs are making a big comeback, everyone is wearing them,” said Cappelletti.  Noticeable trends for girls are very casual apparel. “I see a lot of girls wearing Birkenstocks and big knit sweaters” said Darcy.

Even though some high schoolers may think they have out-grown dressing up and trick-or-treating, several still enjoy loading up on candy or just hanging with friends and watching a scary Halloween movie. “I think I am just going to get to together with my friends and hang out because it'll be a little awkward for a 17 year old to ask for candy,” said senior Alyssa Robens.