The Glory of Driving

By Armauni Allen 
Assistant Editor of Promotions


When you turn the age of 16 you are eligible to get your permit in the State of New York. When you obtain your permit it takes 6 months to get take your road test to get your junior license. This is the moment you have been waiting for all of your teenage years: to be able to go where you want, when you want, without having your parents pick you up and drop you off. One thing that comes with the permit is that you can also drive to school; and there are over 50 students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School that take advantage of that privilege.

In the J-DHS senior parking lot there is an array of different vehicles ranging from cars and trucks to motorcycles and Jeeps. ‘’Our senior parking lot has the coolest cars out of any (previous J-DHS) senior lot that I have seen, ’’says senior Zack Hatem. Taking a quick glance at the parking lot, there are two vehicles that seem to catch the attention of students and parents alike. There is the 2007 Ducati Super Bike owned by senior Luca Pelligra and the 1988 Yamaha FZR 400cc owned by Kyle Rumble. Pelligra has been riding motorcycles since he was able to stand up on one on two feet.’’I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was little; my dad would take me riding’’ says Pelligra. On the contrary, senior motorcyclist Kyle Rumble, has been only riding for one year. ‘’I have been riding ATVs for years but I wanted to try something new,’’ he says.’’When I became 16 I asked my dad if it was okay to sign up to get my motorcycles permit, and I have been riding since that day.’’

Both Pelligra and Rumble agree that their favorite part of riding motorcycles is going fast on the open road and looking cool. On the first day of school, both Pelligra and Rumble got mixed reactions from the other students in the parking lot. Senior Rea Puka said,’’I think its so cool that they have motorcycles. I’ve never seen someone my age ride one.’’ But in contrast, senior Chidera Joseph added, ‘’I don’t think its safe for them to be riding at a young age like that.’’ To ensure their safety, both riders wear helmets and use the proper safety precautions when riding.

When talking of ‘’eye candy’’ to a car enthusiast like myself, one vehicle to mention is the Land Rover Range Rover. These luxurious SUVs are highly sought after because of their supreme comfort and smooth driving. You could find two Range Rovers parked in the senior parking lot of J-DHS owned by Adam Resetarits and Chloe Drescher. Chloe has a white 2007 Range Rover Sport and Adam has a black 2013 Range Rover Sport. ‘’I love my car because I like sitting up higher and it drives smooth,” Drescher explains. “It’s not too big but not too small.” One thing that Drescher and Resetarits agree on is the high cost of gas that takes to fill up their SUVs. ‘’It is sometimes a hassle to deal with it, but the truck itself looks cool so the gas is worth it,’’ says Resetarits.

There are a few other vehicles students have mentioned in the senior lot: A 2010 BMW 328i owned by Kaylie Horn, a Mercedes Benz C230 owned by Cameron Buck, a Chevy Tahoe owned by Eric Nuss, and a Mercedes Benz G Class truck owned by Gabby Pereira. Horn, Buck, Nuss and Pereira all have their parents to pay for their gas. ‘’It’s a hassle paying for gas sometimes because my truck is so big’’ says Nuss.