Decision Day

By Austin Zmolek and Chloe Drescher

Managing Editor of Promotions and Staff Writer


The afternoon bell rang on May 1 to release all the students from classes for the day. Some students went home, but many others stayed after for the Jamesville-DeWitt High School Decision Day. The normal setup for a press conference was organized in the Main Gym Foyer. There was red and white everywhere, people talking, and many students sitting in the rows of chairs waiting for the start of the event. This, however, was not to announce the signing of well recognized sports stars such as senior Dajuan Coleman. This event was to direct the spotlight towards the seniors that also deserve attention because they, too, have their own plans following the high school graduation.

“Decision day is a chance to congratulate the seniors that are not usually recognized,” said J-DHS senior and major organizer of Decision Day Brianna Suslovic. Decision Day was a new senior event created at J-DHS, with hopes of becoming an annual tradition. “It’s a chance to celebrate the next phase of their lives after they leave J-D. It’s a way for us to be proud of them, while giving motivation for underclassmen,” said social studies teacher and organizer Donna Oppedisano.

To begin things, Principal Paul Gaspirini took the podium; “Everyone here is excited about what is in the future for seniors. Out of the 211 students in this year’s senior class, all of the students before us will be bringing their talents into society and giving contributions to the community.” Mr. Gaspirini stated that having these plans of attending a four-year college, two-year, or joining the working world is a great accomplishment. After Mr. Gaspirini, senior Sam Wormuth, who helped organize Decision Day, took the podium and said, “the bright smiling faces I see out here today are all students that have great success in and out of the classrooms,” he said. Next came Suslovic, who said that she is already looking forward to the 50th class reunion. “(To me,) our class is most involved of any,” added Suslovic. “I think we have an amazing class reputation,” Wormuth added.

Then, students one-by-one walked to the podium to announce their future plans and commitments. A full list of these students is in a slideshow on the front page of

After the Decision Day, senior Sequoia Kemp, who will be attending University of Rochester, said, “I work just as hard as the athletes, but instead I’m in a classroom.” Kemp thinks that everyone should share the same gratitude and excitement towards high school students. “It’s exciting to share to everyone where I am working because I worked so hard for this,” said Kemp.

Making this a tradition for the future is very important to people like Suslovic and English teacher Joseph DeChick, who support the idea of continuing Decision Day in the future. “From the start, I knew this was a great idea to start what could be a tradition,” said Mr. DeChick. Suslovic hopes that this event will remain a J-D tradition forever. “It’s just a nice way of showing off how you are going to carry on after high school,” said senior Emily Elbers. Mrs. Oppedisano said that this Decision Day can act as a motivation for others because it is a great way to set high standards and good examples.