Seniors Settle On Their Colleges

Emily Hauser and Abby Shaw

Staff Writers


High school is winding down for the seniors of Jamesville-Dewitt High School. Most of these students have made their decision on what college they plan on attending in the fall of 2014, and are eager to get started on this next step of their life.

Some students chose their school based on sports. Chris McGee is going to SUNY Binghamton to play baseball. “I’m so pumped to be able to continue playing baseball because it is something I love. I will definitely miss my friends a lot. The upside about only being less than two hours away is that my parents will be able to attend my games next year,” said Mcgee. Sam Crisalli is planning to go to SUNY Fredonia to play baseball and is looking to major in Sports Management. Peter Crossett is attending Colgate University and is playing football for the Raiders. “I am very happy to leave JD.” says Crossett. Griffin Johnson will be attending Tufts University right outside of Boston in the fall. He currently is undecided on what his major will be but is committed for lacrosse and is excited to play for their team. “I’m going to miss most of my brohams my brohahas” says Johnson.

St. John Fisher seems to be a popular school among a number of seniors like Luke Peters, Max Havens, and Will Darcy. Peters, who is planning to major in business, is ready for high school to be over. “I’m excited to have fun and meet new people.” says Peters. Havens agrees with Peters and said that he was excited for the college experience but will really miss his friends. Darcy is majoring in marketing, and is very sad to leave JD. Compared to the other two, Darcy has fallen in love with the dining hall at Fisher, which was one of the factors that won him over.

Some of the seniors are going out of state to attend college. Kara Gantos is excited but nervous about going to the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. “It wasn’t that hard a decision because it was my top choice,” said Gantos. She also talked about a friend from another school who is planning on attending the college as well so she’s glad she’ll know at least one person. Sophie Leavitt, attending Hampshire College in Massachusetts, has “already planned out” when she will see her best friend, Victoria Roney, who is attending The College of Wooster, which is 11 hours away from Hampshire in Wooster, Ohio.

Other students have decided to stay in state and are only a few hours away from home.  “I am going to SUNY Binghamton, and at first I thought it was going to be a hard decision, but then I was accepted into the nursing program, which was one of the factors that went into me picking the right college,” said Allie Butler. ”I am planning on going to SUNY Geneseo next year. It was easy because it was the only college I applied to; I applied early decision,” said Allison Semmel.

While some choices were easier to make than others, seniors have worked hard and put in a lot of effort to be where they are today. Come this fall, these seniors will be starting the next step in their life. Good luck Seniors 2014!