Senior Goodbyes 2014

To: Señora DJ's 5H Class
From: Señora De Jesús 

Mucha suerte en el futuro, todos de ustedes son estrellas. Ojalá que la universidad les vaya bien. Cuidado con los fanfarrones en la vida  :) . Con mucho amor, Señor De Jesús

To: Albania Mitchell
From: Señora De Jesús

Felicidades mi Dominicana querida, te extrañaré mucho. Gracias por tus esfuerzos en la clase y el club de español. Sigue bachateando. Con mucho amor, Señora De Jesús

To: Wryann Ross
From: Señora De Jesús

!NYC 2014, inolvidable! Sigues sonriendo que eres hermosa y increíble. Mucha suerte en el futuro y la universidad. Con mucho amor, Señora De Jesús


To: Cameron Buck 
From: Señora De Jesús

Mi gemela, estoy muy orgullosa de todos sus esfuerzos académicos y personales. Te extrañaré mucho, mucha suerte con tus futuros esfuerzos.  


To: Hannah M. And Kevin G.

From: Mrs. Bailey (Horton)

I am so proud of you! I will miss your sense of humor. Best of luck with all you do!


To: Mr. Phillips and Mr. Brown,

From: Mopati

Thank you for writing my college application letters. And to Mr. Gualtieri for helping me through the college process. Thanks!


To:  My APCS Seniors (Jane B, Avi Y, Dan L, Bryce N, Kyrin P, & James U)

From: Mr. Lang

There are only 10 type of people in the world - those who get this joke and those who don't.  It's been a great year (or three) with you all and you will be missed.  Enjoy the summer and good luck in the fall.  Stay in touch!


To: Sad Face, Hulk, Mountain Gorilla, Shmadelberg, Krumble, and Zymbalicious

From: Coach C

From puny little 7th grade modified football players to varsity beasts… and Kyle.  You'll always be a Wall O' Beef to me.


To: Mr. Sommer

From: Zach Liebmann

Thank you so much for being one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. You’ve really inspired me to follow my dreams and have helped me see what I want to do in the future. Thank you so much!


To: Mr. Wenzel

From: Sophie Leavitt

Mr. Wenzel- I’m so lucky to have had you as a teacher during my time here at J-DHS. Because of your class, I’ve grown both as a person and an artist in ways I would’ve never been able to otherwise. Thank you for your dedication to the J-D art program over the past several decades and good luck to both you and Mr. Benedict as you continue forward.


To: Senior RED Club Members:  Jesenia H., Natalee S., Liz B., Sebaah H., Trevan S., Paige F., Evan S., Rebecca A., Simeon V., Julia K., Julie B., Erin R., Tangela H., Amayia C., Eric F., Isabel L., Leah I., Samantha W., Jason W., & Wryann R.

From: Ms. Panek

A HUGE thank you for contributing your time and talent this year in the many successful activities, contests, and displays in and around the library! None of this could have happened without your efforts.

My best to all of you as you each begin your next chapter in the book of life.


To: Alex, Libby, Gus, Laura, Christina, Laura, Vincent, Owen, Sam, Nick, Jason, Abbey, Avi, and Andy

From: Ms. Creamer

9:12-9:20 for 4 years; thank you for the best 5,760 minutes of my past 720 school mornings. Enjoy your new adventures!


To: Liz Burnam

From: Ms. Creamer

Let me know when I should look for your published works at Barnes and Noble.


To: Bryce Nandal

From: Ms. Creamer

You proved me wrong and I'm so glad you did.


To: AP Literature Class of 2014 (Victoria, Marisa, Liz, Olivia, Caroline, Jennie, Eric, Emily, Julia, Isabel, Kara, Megan, Bryce, Kyrin, Rahul, and Tessa)

From: Ms. Creamer

Sixteen of JD's finest English students to walk the halls into room R23. I will truly miss all of you, but you are ready for what's next. I know it's time to let you go search for new challenges. Enjoy the journey!


To: Patrick King

From: Mrs. Scott

Don’t make me say “I told you so” when you find yourself sleeping in after you’re off on your own! It was great to have met you this year Patrick- best wishes for your future!


To: Kevin Gorke

From: Mrs. Scott

Good luck in college, Kevin! It’s a great new adventure that requires your strong drive and determination. Keep it up for a promising future! It was nice to have met you this year.


To: Hannah McIntosh

From: Mrs. Scott

Best wishes with your future, Hannah! I’m happy to have met you and shared conversation! You are a wonderful, strong, responsible young woman.  Remember that out in the big world- it will keep you focused in moments of doubt.


To: Josh DeHoog

From: Mr. Pilcher

Josh, drive slow and don’t take chances. Too bad it took six years to pass ceramics… I will miss you. “BRZ’s Rule.”


To: Phoenix Scicchitano

From: Mr. Pilcher

May your fuse always be long. May you follow your dreams with no penalty. Keep in touch. I will miss you.


To: Ms. Creamer

From: Homeroom Class of 2014

From assigned seats 9th grade to borderline anarchy 12th grade, it’s been a wonderful journey! Thanks for always being a great start to our day! We’ll miss you, and good luck with the freshmen!


To: Mr. Adler

From: Tyler Duby

Thank you for making physics so enjoyable! You are awesome!


To: Mrs. Harris

From: Hannah McIntosh

Thank you so much for helping me this year. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me.


To: Ms. Scott

From: Hannah McIntosh

Thank you so much for helping me through the rest of my senior year. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve helped me achieve. I’ll miss you next year.


To: Mrs. Bailey

From: Hannah McIntosh

Thank you for always believing in me and for always caring about me. I’ll miss you greatly next year.


To: All Seniors

From: Mrs. Barker

Good luck with your new adventures. You will all be missed.


To: 2014 Seniors

From: Mrs. Breck

Some of you I know very well… others I don’t know at all. I will truly miss this class of 2014. Farewell and good luck to each of you.


To: Mrs. Conner

From: Jason and Ryan

Thank you for all of the time and energy you have given to the RamPage over the last four years. It truly helped us grow into the people we are today.


To: Mrs. Wheeler and Mr. Gasparini

From: Mak & Pike

Thank you for letting us make fools of ourselves on the announcements. It was an honor and a privilege each day.