J-D Staff Compete In The Boston Marathon

Ali Durkin and Jillian Risavi




Social studies teacher Stephanie Rice and Teacher Aid Juan Martinez both competed in the 122nd annual Boston Marathon. The  26.2 mile race was on April 16 where they raced to the finish. The race began at 8:40 am that morning and racers continued to begin their journey in multiple waves.The day of the marathon, mother nature treated runners with torrential downpour in 39 degree weather and 40 mph winds to top it off. This year’s race was recorded to have the worst weather conditions in 60 years.

Mr. Martinez finished with a time of 2 hours 52 minutes and 38 seconds, while Ms. Rice finished with a time of 3 hours and 36 minutes. “I was pretty happy with my time,” said Mr. Martinez while Ms. Rice said “this is my slowest time running in the Boston Marathon,” which was most likely due to the harsh weather conditions, which would be one of the most difficult components for this year’s race. “This year was different from most years since this year had the worst weather recorded in a long time,” says Rice. “It was not ideal,” she said, “it was like a huge mud-pile.”

In preparing for this event, both J-D representatives stuck to strict training schedules, which typically means gradually increasing in miles every time you train. As the race closes in, runners will ‘taper,’ which means they begin to save up on energy and strength by reducing the amount of miles they run. Tapering starts around three weeks before the actual race.

After the race, they were both very relieved just to finish the race at all. “A lot of people had to drop out in the middle of the race because of the weather,” said Rice who passed numerous people who had to step out of the race. “The first thing I did after the race was go to McDonald’s and eat the biggest burger they had,” said Mr. Martinez. While Ms. Rice won’t be doing the Boston Marathon next year, Mr. Martinez said that he “will definitely run it again next year."