Served And Satisfied

Georgie Paparo, ‘22

Staff writer

“Lunchtime!” Most students favorite time of the day. The time they get to see their friends, chatter, listen to music and most importantly, eat! Lunch time is the glorious 30 minutes of freedom students are provided each day. However the back bone of lunch time are the lunch ladies. Each day they work hard to make lunches for the students to devour and enjoy.

From food to fashion, the lunch ladies notice each thing, “The crazier things I’ve seen since I’ve worked here is some of the styles of kids that have passed through the colors, and the short skirts, we’ve had the gothic look for awhile and now we have what we grew up with,” said Rita Vedsted, head of lunch staff.

Not only do the lunch ladies see it all but they also may have some mind reading abilities, “I think the students favorite foods are definitely popcorn chicken and domino's pizza...if I ran chicken everyday and pizza everyday you guys would be happy,” said Ms. Vedsted. However, while the ladies cant make pizza and chicken everyday they still work hard to make all other lunches served, just as tasty.

Students rushing into the lunch line only see the prepared food, what they don't see is the behind the scenes jobs. “We like to make the lunches fresh, sometimes we prep the nights before but usually not,” said Vedsted. “...sometimes it takes us a whole morning,” said Vedsted.

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From 5:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m., the lunch staff is cooking, cleaning, and contributing to the all around team effort of J-DHS. The lunch ladies don’t rest until lunch is served.