A new face behind the scenes: J-DHS's night security guard

Elsa Hardt

Staff writer

Every school district has the common goal to ensure their school is safe and protected. Evening security guard Keith Love makes that goal possible at Jamesville-DeWitt High School.

Love arrives at J-D at 2:45 p.m. and guards the school until 11:00 p.m.  He describes his job as establishing a “presence” in the school by assisting community groups in the school after hours or doing rounds through the building.  He makes sure all doors are locked and no one is in the school that should not be. Being in the building for eight hours after the end of the school day leaves plenty of time with nothing to do.  Love fills his time with reading, keeping up with his favorite sports teams and watching bits of games in the school.

Things get more complicated when multiple events run simultaneously. Games bring extra traffic inside the building. “I have to direct folks that are not familiar with the building — where they need to go, where they need to be, where they shouldn’t be and where they can go,” said Love.  As evening security, he works closely with the head of night maintenance, Ms. Dee Warner. She is his main contact for any problems that happen over night. Love also works with Athletic Director John Goodson in order to coordinate plans for sporting events in the building.

Before working at J-D, Love worked security at Syracuse City schools. Since Love works at night, he spends all his time during the day with his two year old son. “The schedule worked out for me. My two year old son is my number one priority,” said Love.

To become general security in a school or building, New York State requires a security licence. Applicants then have to go through the state for fingerprinting. Outside of security, Love has background experience in the military for ten years. Love believes that safety is the most important part of the job. “It’s my job to make sure no one is in danger even when the school is closed,” said Love.

Even when students are not present in the school, Night Security Guard Love is there to secure and ensure that J-DHS is a safe place to be.