Senior Spotlight: John Bridge

Tracey Edson and Katie Cappelletti

Staff Writers

When you were a 3-year-old child, were you riding down the slide with your parents, or were you inside on your computer learning about the glories of computer science like Jamesville-DeWitt High School senior John Bridge was. Bridge developed an interest in computers at a very young age and started programing in fifth grade. His passion for computers has continued throughout his high school career and he plans on continuing it in his future.

As a freshman, Bridge took AP Computer Science with Jay Lang, who also teaches in the math department. “It taught me a lot of java skills and a lot of fundamentals and complexities,” said Bridge on the course. The things he learned about programming have been applied to his later projects, and have helped him in the long run. “I really liked the research based learning (in AP Computer Science), we learned a lot through labs and applied our knowledge as opposed to learning it in a lecture-based setting,” said Bridge.

Bridge did a lot of work with Mr. Lang that year, and now, in his senior year, Bridge is being advised by Mr. Lang while working on an independent study. “He’s a one of a kind… His computer skills, programming skills and just his general computer knowledge that he had coming in was better than any student I’ve had in 14 years,” said Mr. Lang.

During the summer after his freshman year, Bridge did an internship at a StartFast development center. Along with the internship Bridge worked on a wifi switching project which was an app for an Android phone. He also had the opportunity to work with students from Cornell on another app, and although it was never published, it still helped him improve his skills and experiences. The AP Computer Science course, the internship, as well as the independent study that he is currently working on, are helping him prepare to go into the computer science field in college. His most recent project was creating the J-D Page website.

A decision about where to attend college will have to be made soon for Bridge. He has applied to the University of Rochester, Cornell, Stony Brook, Binghamton, RPI, RIT, and Penn State. He hopes to attend University of Rochester or Cornell. “I really liked the education offered there. Rochester was very research-based school which means I would be doing a lot of learning by doing, rather than learning by listening, and that’s something I look forward to in college,” said Bridge

Although Bridge still has to attend college, he has thought about his future job. “I would like a job that varies day-to-day and brings new challenges each time I go into work, but something in the computer field, possibly computer programming.” said Bridge. Bridge is set to graduate in June from J-D.