Freshmen Reactions to the High School

Scottie/B.T. O'Bryan and Jamie Boeheim

Editor of Production, Assistant Producer 


A wave of fresh faces appeared in the hallways on Sept. 5 as the class of 2021 began their first days at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Assistant Principal Dave Nylen said that they are the “best freshmen class ever,” and hopes they will have a great first year. The freshman who were in the cafeteria had various opinions about the atmosphere of the high school, along with the transfer from the middle school to a new building.

Becoming a freshman means facing new obstacles such as learning the ways around a new building, having new teachers, new rules and going from being the oldest students in the middle school to being the youngest in the high school. “There is a lot more people in the hallways...and everyone is a lot bigger,” says freshman Amber Hamernik. The new, more mature atmosphere takes a little of time to adjust to, but once settled in, students learn to fit right into J-DHS.

As freshman adjust to J-DHS during the first few weeks, they all are having different thoughts and experiences. “I like lunch better because people in each grade are there,” says freshman Corey Kretsch who likes to talk to his upperclassmen friends and neighbors in his lunch period. Kretsch also says that he likes the block scheduling better, “the day goes by faster and you don’t feel so rushed in class,” says Kretsch.  In the high school, many students such as freshman Emma Marks, agrees that the transition is better because there is “more freedom.” Although freshman Mo El-Hindi does not like high school, he likes it more than the middle school because there is more freedom.  Unlike El-Hindi, freshman Emmett Folett says that he “misses middle school,” because of the amount of homework at the high school.


The freshman will soon learn the halls of the high school with help from the more experienced J-DHS students, teachers and principals. Guidance counselors also have major roles in encouraging the freshman during Freshman Seminars that take place one out of the four letter days. Counselor Denise Becher says Freshman Seminars are mainly for “(the counselors) to get to know the students, and them to get to know (them).” She also said that all the students go to the computer lab to take online career tests and learn more about what classes they should take in the future. The last piece of advice that she has for this freshman class is to “definitely do your homework every night, study for tests and exams, join clubs to meet people, and be well-rounded.”

If you see a freshman in the hallway, make sure to say hi!