Señora DeJesus Returns

Thomas Edson

Editor in Chief

Jamesville-DeWitt High School students are being treated to a familiar face in the Green Hall. J-DHS Spanish teacher Maria DeJesus made her return to the classroom just before students and staff broke out for spring break.

DeJesus, who suffered a brain aneurysm this past summer, had been out of school all year up until April 21, 2017. For the past couple of months, DeJesus had been attending occupational and physical therapy weekly in order to help her recovery process. “Up until November or December, I couldn’t walk up the stairs unassisted,” recalled DeJesus.

DeJesus’ schedule includes Spanish levels 3 Honors and 4 Regents, as well as a senior homeroom. She says that her students, both current and former, as well as her fellow staff members have been very supportive of her the whole way, and that the students and staff were what she missed most in her time away from J-DHS.

“I saw my department regularly. I’d say once a week someone from the department stopped by to visit. I use the Remind 101 app for my classes and I got a lot of texts from students through that app checking in on me,” said DeJesus.

“It’s nice to have her back. She is always smiling and encouraging us and we definitely missed having her around, even if it was just the 10 minutes we had her in homeroom,” said J-DHS Alex Frank.

While DeJesus has made her return to school, she says that she is definitely not completely healthy. “I’m very sensitive to light and sound, so if you see me in the hallways wearing those pink tinted glasses, that’s why I am wearing them,” said DeJesus.

One thing DeJesus says she deals with on a daily basis is migraines, and these have made readjusting to school more difficult, but DeJesus believes that she will be readjusted to life as a teacher soon.

Even though her battle with her brain aneurysm is winding down, DeJesus continues to be active in raising awareness about brain aneurysms. “Before any of this happened, I don’t think I had heard of brain aneurisms,” DeJesus admitted. “I made it my mission to help raise awareness.”