Mr. and Mrs. Molesso Retiring

Editors of Promotion

Mia Potamianos and Jenna Vespi

Two beloved teachers, each of whom has spent more than 30 years making the Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District a better place, will be retiring this June. Christopher Molesso, J-D Middle School 7th and 8th grade technology teacher, and Lisa Molesso, J-D High School resource teacher, have decided that it is time for them to retire at the end of the 2016-2017 school year and “do something different.” The married couple met as undergraduate students at SUNY Buffalo State and have been together ever since. Together they attended Johns Hopkins University for graduate degrees. Mr. and Mrs. Molesso share a strong love for the students they have taught over the years, as well as their coworkers and the relationships they have built with each of them.

Mr. Molesso has worked as a tech teacher at J-DMS for 36 years. “My favorite thing about teaching here would have to be the kids, they're really good,” said Mr. Molesso. At J-DMS there are two tech teachers. The other current tech teacher is Mr. Keith Bryant. “We’ve worked together for 16 years, and we’ve shared a lot of laughs and a lot of memories,” said Mr. Bryant, who has looked up to Mr. Molesso for advice over the many years. “I’ll miss his humor, because he keeps me entertained throughout the day,” said Mr. Bryant. Many students, including sophomore Shannon Beaudry, really looked up to Mr. Molesso and the advice he gave them. “My father travels a lot, so Mr. Mo was like a father figure to me and helped me through a lot in middle school.” said Beaudry.

Mrs. Molesso loves her job at J-DHS and is so thankful for her many years here; however, she is ready for something new. “I've had a lot of very amazing students over the last 35 years,” said Mrs. Molesso, who still keeps in touch with a lot of the students she has taught and guided over the years. J-DHS Principal Paul Gasparini, along with the J-DHS faculty, is sad to see Mrs. Molesso go. “She is extremely good with the kids and knows her job inside and out,” said Mr. Gasparini. He continued, saying, “She has always been all about the kids and given them the best instruction and resources she can.” Sophomore Turner Pomeroy, who currently has Mrs. Molesso as a teacher, said, “She knows what she’s talking about and she’s very funny.” “She’s just a very good teacher,” said Pomeroy, who is really going to miss having her around.

As the Molessos continue their journey together, they aren’t sure yet where they will end up. “I want to do something totally different -- Mr. Molesso and I want to travel,” said Mrs. Molesso. Both agreed that no one should do something for more than 40 years and that they are very ready to move on. “We haven't decided what to do, but we do wanna move, maybe buy a house,” said Mr. Molesso. As for Mrs. Molesso, she doesn’t know if she wants to continue to work, but said that if she does, she would maybe get a job at a greenhouse where she can plant flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Molesso are very excited to start this next chapter of their lives, though the J-D community is sad to see them go.