The New Craze At J-DHS

Nick Mannion, Tim Skeval and Steven Baker

Staff Writers

Fidget spinners have been taking over schools all around America, and now they are the latest craze at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Some people are calling it the new silly bandz craze, which were rubber bracelets that were different shapes. Spinners come in all different colors, sizes and even shapes. Some spinners only have two ends and tend to be “not as fun to spin,” said freshman Luke Hobika, but the main spinners you will see have three sides. Spinners are usually made of plastic or metal, with a bearing in the center and prongs that spin around it.

When it comes to the classroom there are many different opinions among teachers about the role of fidget spinners. Fidget spinners were originally meant for students with disorders, like anxiety, autism and ADHD, but now almost all students are using them. In some schools the toy has been banned due to it’s distraction to other students and teachers. “They can be beneficial, but some students abuse the privilege,” said English teacher Theresa Eaton. Science teacher Samantha Ross agreed with Mrs. Eaton, “I know they’re meant to help kids to pay attention in class, but I find that a lot of times they are more of a distraction,” said Mrs. Ross.

Students’ opinions on fidget spinners differed from teachers’. “I think that they are extremely beneficial to help students concentrate in class,” said junior Ryan Evans. Sophomore Max Schulman agreed with Evans, “I use my fidget spinners in class every day and find that they help me to concentrate,” said Schulman.

Outside of the classroom, fidget spinners are used in many ways. “I love to use mine to calm myself down when I get stressed out about things,” said sophomore Cece Hatem. Along with Hatem, senior Jake Harron said that he likes to use his at home when he is bored or “in need of a break from homework.” On the other hand, some students don’t use them because of the distraction factor. “I don’t like them, they always get me off task,” said freshman Kelli Wright.

Many students believe they will stay relevant because they are “just plain addicting,” said senior Jake Risavi. Other students, like junior Parker Wing are relating it to “Pokemon Go”, which is an iPhone and Android app where you go outside and try to catch virtual Pokemon.“‘Pokemon Go’ only lasted for like 3 months, I think this will be the same,” said Wing.

Whether fidget spinners stay relevant or not, they seem to be very hot right now and will probably stay that way until the end of the school year.