School Olympics

Jillian Risavi and Ali Durkin

Assistant Producers

Jamesville-DeWitt High School is striving towards more school unity by hosting a school wide Olympics. Each grade had collaborated teams that competed against one another from Mar. 20 to Mar. 31 in events such as Minute to Win It, a scavenger hunt, a relay race, and in trivia. All the events took place during activity period except the final event that will take place at the spring pep-rally.

The first event consisted of the relay races during activity period on Mar. 20, where each team worked through obstacles and raced for first place. The relays included racing on scooters, spinning around baseball bats causing players to get dizzy, rock paper scissors, and many more obstacles. Junior Sophia Foti had lots of fun both participating and watching her teammates and opponents. “Watching people get dizzy then try to finish the relay was really fun since most people had a hard time,” says Foti. Sophomore Ana Dieroff helped to organize the events, as she also participated in and enjoyed the relays. The freshmen class came out with a win over a close second sophomores, 37-28.

During activity period on Mar. 27, trivia was the next event in the Olympics. Each grade had separate topic such as sports, pop culture, history, and others. One of the participants in this event was junior Emma Prosak. “The variation of questions made it pretty fun,” said Prosak who believed the event to be quite competitive. The sophomores won this event coming out with a solid 40 points, defeating every other class by at least ten points.

On April 3, students from the three grades participated in the friendly competition such as Minute to Win it champions juniors Nico Modesti, John Bridge, and Ryan Evans. “Though there was no prize, I could see how the school was becoming more united,” said Modesti. Some of the activities in minute to win it consisted of pulling tissues out of a box as fast as you can, stacking brownies on your head, and using your mouth to bring bags from one table to another. “It was a lot of fun especially since our team won, I would definitely do it again if they do it next year,” says Evans. The junior class came out with the win for the second to last event, shutting out the rest of the classes by another ten points.

“The whole point of the olympics is for everyone to have fun and to enjoy themselves,” says the school olympics advisor and history teacher Donna Oppedisano. Mrs. Oppedisano had a blast helping to organize the special events, as the whole point of the Olympics was to “unite as a school and simply have fun.” As of now, those who ran the olympics are unsure if it will become an annual event. “I would love to do it again next year, but I would need help from other teachers,” says Mrs. Oppedisano who had to put an extreme amount of time and effort into helping organize it. The intended prize was to have fun and earn bragging rights, but ceramics teacher Mark McIntyre created a ram head that will be awarded to the winning grade.

As of right now, the sophomore class holds the lead in the school wide Olympics. However, the final event is the scavenger hunt that has been rescheduled to occur after school following spring break on April 26 after school, which will be followed by the final challenge on May 19.