Reciting Her Way to States

Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos

Editors of Promotion

Sophomore Sophia Liaw is taking poetry recitation to the next level. Liaw is a 16-year-old Jamesville-DeWitt High School student who placed second at the Regional Poetry Out Loud Competition held at Onondaga Community College on Feb. 10. Liaw will continue in the competition at the state level on March 10, at the Everson Museum in Downtown Syracuse. “I have no expectations for States and I'm just glad that as a sophomore I've made it this far,” said a very humble Liaw.

Liaws initial interest to partake in the competition was brought about from her extracuricular activities. Since the sixth grade, Liaw has written her own poetry, and currently she attends weekly writing classes. In past years, Liaw has perfomed in the J-DHS Drama Show as well. The Poetry Out Loud Competition is “more of a natural conjunction between the two,” said Liaw.

To prepare for the state competition, Liaw will continue to work on the poems she recited for regionals and perform them again. “I got some feedback frrom the person who was hosting the (regional) event and I’ll incorporate that into my next performance,” said Liaw. From here she can only continue to enhance her performance, because there is no more memorization that is necessary.

Liaw will be reciting the following poems on March 10, at the state competetion at the Everson Museum:

Insomia by Dana Gioia

The Oldest Living Thing in LA by Larry Levis

When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats