New Faces in the Creative World

Jacob Marshall and Marcus Payne

Staff Writers

In Jamesville-DeWitt High School there are two new faces in the elective classes. Ashlee Childers is the new teacher for the Drawing and Painting classes. Sara Brodbeck is teaching the DDP, Architecture and Creative Woodworking classes. Both are joining very successful programs and have big shoes to fill.

Ms. Brodbeck graduated from SUNY Oswego in  may of 2016. After graduating she became a long term sub at West Genesee from December of 2016 to June 2017. So although this is her first official teaching job, she has almost taught for a full year.


Ms. Brodbeck was “super excited” to hear about the job opportunity here at J-DHS. “There were five different job opportunities including the one I was working at but I was excited to be in this district,” said Ms. Brodbeck.

Ms. Brodbeck knows exactly what she wants to bring to the high school: an expanded program. “I was hoping to be able to come up with more content so right now I’m also teaching at the fifth grade level. That’s why I’m not here in the afternoon. We’re starting coding and hoping to grow our computer science program through that.” She’s hoping that since she’s teaching at the fifth grade level more people will take the class in high school.

Even though two of the courses she’s teaching are new to her and she’s never taught for 82 minute periods, she hopes her students learn a lot in her classes.

Ms. Childers is replacing the beloved Mr. Wenzel. Ms. Childers got her bachelor's degree from Hamilton College in 2007 and then her masters from Tufts University Affiliation of Museum of Fine Arts in 2009.

Before coming to the high school Ms. Childers taught in many small schools. She started teaching at Waterville which is in Oneida County, then started teaching at Onondaga in 2013 and then she was part time in Onondaga and Marcellus from 2014-2015. From there she went to Red Creek Jr./Sr. High School, which is near Fair Haven until this year when she came to J-DHS.  


Ms. Childers enjoys the diversity of our school. “When I taught at Onondaga I really liked the diversity of the school. They had kids from tons of different backgrounds and different interests.”  At other schools she thought the kids were very similar but here it is very diverse. She also enjoys how big our school is because it reminds her of her high school, East Syracuse-Minoa. Ms. Childers was very nervous to start. “I think anytime you start in a new place you're nervous. Like when you guys started here from middle school. So there is always some nervousness and some anxiety.” Luckily the J-D high school community made her feel very welcome. She was “shocked” at how nice and helpful everyone was.

Ms. Childers hopes to use her experience teaching a variety of positions to help her students. “I've taught middle school, I've taught photography, I've taught graphic design, I've taught ceramics. So I'm very interested to use all that experience to help kids with their portfolios for college,” said Ms. Childers. Her goal for her time teaching at our school to help the students find voice in their art, express themselves and find their style.