Singing Their Way to States

Tyra Carter

Staff Writer

Marissa Digennaro (left) and Catherine Cargian at NYSSMA (right)

Marissa Digennaro (left) and Catherine Cargian at NYSSMA (right)

Junior choral All-staters Catherine Cargian and Marissa Digennaro have proven to be top in the state. After hours of hard work, rehearsing and memorizing, Cargian and Digennaro earned a spot in NYSSMA's All-State mixed choir. After attending rehearsals at the Radison in Rochester on Dec. 2-3, the girls performed with the rest of the students from across the state on Dec. 4 at the Eastman Theater.

Mixed choir is made up of both boys and girls who sing as sopranos, altos, tenors & bass. To get into the All State mixed choir, you need to start preparation in January by learning a piece of music to perform for auditions at the NYSSMA music festival in May. In your audition you must sing a solo in front of a judge and do sight readings which are scored out of 100. From Jamesville-DeWitt, around 30 students tried out for All-State last year.  Only Cargian and Digennaro made the cut, scoring an impressive 100 and a 99 respectively.

Middle school Choral Director Eric Toyama, and high school Choral Director Beth Quackenbush attended the event with the students. “They did awesome, they learned a ton and the concert was phenomenal” says Quackenbush. Mr.Toyama chaperoned Cargian and Digennero for the weekend.

Both girls had a great experience in All-State, “I loved being around everyone who is a music kid like me,” says Digennaro. Since attending choir all throughout middle school, Digennaro has always had a passion for music. “It inspires me and I've met a lot of great people through doing chorus,” says Digennaro.

In addition to All-States, both Cargian and Digennaro had SPARK show rehearsals to attend. “It was overwhelming but we really meshed as a group and had a great performance” says Cargian.

After having such a successful year, the girls hope to make it back next year and learn even more about chorus and music in general.