Where Can You Find the Seniors Next Year?

 Terrence Echols
Sports Editor

With their senior year more than halfway done, many seniors across the country look forward to attending college next fall. Many have completed their admissions process have been feeling stressed as they wait to hear if they have been accepted into their chosen schools. Many seniors at Jamesville-DeWitt High School have been busy with school work while also completing the admissions process. Dean Kousmanidis describes the process as “rigorous”  as well as “long and unnecessary.”

 Many J-DHS students factor in playing sports to help them decide on a college. Many athletes are recruited by college coaches to attend the school and be on the team, which in a sense can make the process of choosing a college easier. Kousmanidis was recruited to play Division III soccer at SUNY Geneseo, and so he chose to go there over Hobart College, Union College, and SUNY Brockport. “They have a great community, great academics, and I thought I would thrive as both a soccer player and student,” he said. Mike Schwedes chose to play lacrosse at the University of Tampa over schools like Hobart College, UMass and Villanova University. “I thought the process of choosing Tampa was fairly easy; the people there are great, and I love the sunshine,” said Schwedes who besides just playing division II lacrosse at Tampa, he wants to start a club of some sorts.

Track and field athlete Jessica Pace says she chose to throw on the track team  at SUNY Brockport because “In my eyes, it was the perfect college. They made a great first impression on me, and had everything I was looking for,” said Pace. Three sport athlete Ethan Palmer chose to play football in college. He was recruited by Ithaca College, Hartwick College, and Alfred University. In the end he decided to attend Ithaca College because “they have a beautiful atmosphere; everything was great (when I visited).” Palmer is also looking forward to taking the field with current Bomber and J-DHS alumnus Matthew Schunck who is a former teammate of Palmer.     

Many students who are not athletes have different reasons  for why they chose a college. Diamond Cole, who played tennis in high school, decided to attend  Syracuse University “because it's the best situation for me; I plan on being involved in their cultural organizations and possibly a sorority,” said Cole, who chose her hometown school over St. Johns, St. Bonaventure, and Highpoint. Simon Schmitt-Hall chose Temple University over Loyola University of Chicago and Fordham University because “they have a good communications program, and I love the city of Philadelphia.” Afua Addo has been accepted to St. John Fisher College, Stony Brook University, and University at Buffalo. She is still waiting to hear if she's been accepted to a couple of other schools, Boston University and New York University. She plans on majoring in biology or neuroscience, while also being involved in outreach programs.

Having been through the process of choosing schools, applying, and declaring where they want to go, a few J-DHS seniors have advice for juniors and sophomores who will be making their decisions soon. Kousmanidis believes it's very important to get on campuses to get a feel of the school. Schwedes agrees with Kousmanidis; he says the campus “should feel like home.” Cole’s advice to prospective students is to stay ahead of the due dates during the applications process. Palmer says that even though the admissions process may be tedious, students looking at colleges should “find a great fit and don't take the process slow or else you'll fall behind.” The college decision is a very important and exciting experience that can have a lasting effect on your life and job.