JD Lacrosse: Road to the State Championship

Jillian Risavi and Ali Durkin

Assistant Producers

Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s very own Varsity Boys Lacrosse team made history last spring when they won the 2016 New York State Championship. Not only did they become champions, but senior Hal Schulman was able to capture the climatic season on film. Schulman decided to make the documentary for the team shortly before the season began. Previous students have done this before including JD alumni, Sean Horan, who made one for the team of 2011. Senior Logan Latray was also a big part of the film, as he was in charge of the playlist for the documentary.    

Schulman’s documentary, “JD Lacrosse: Road To The State Championship”, was released on July 29. The premier took place in the auditorium of the high school where about 200 people attended from all over the community, including family, friends and fans. Many viewers were happy with the film and how it turned out. Among those viewers was Head Coach for the JD Boys Lacrosse team and Physical Education teacher, Jamie Archer. "He did an unbelievable job," said Mr. Archer. Junior and sibling of the former captain Grayson Burns, Riley Burns, loved the documentary. “I ended up showing the documentary to my friends when I got home afterwards on Youtube,” says Burns. Junior Jack Boeheim didn’t go to the premier, but he was interested to see it so he watched it online. “I don’t know much about lacrosse but watching my friends on the team win a state championship was pretty cool.” Shulman is very happy with the outcome of his film. "People seem to love it, which is great," Schulman said of the project. "Just seeing it on the big screen was kind of cool, made it more set in stone for us."

The vibes at the first couple practices were a little different since the players were being recorded, but eventually “it became second nature,” said senior Casey Platenik. Defensive Coach and Physical Education teacher, Jeff Ike agreed. It eventually became the norm for the camera to be rolling at practices and games, and Schulman became a part of the team.

Seniors Kyle Hurley, Casey Platenik, and Nick Palin all agreed that last season was extremely memorable and that they were all ecstatic to be a part of the team and the documentary. “Last season was a season that my teammates and I will never forget,” says Platenik “Now we can always look back to last season’s memories by watching the documentary,” says Palin.

The tireless work that started in March of 2016, put into the documentary was what made it so spectacular and professional. “The hardest part was definitely editing,” says Schulman. He had counted that by the end of the season, he had about 75 hours of film that he had to go through and pick out to be in the final project. “I chose what looked the best, what sounded the best and what I thought were the most professional comments from the players... I knew what I wanted it to look like.” he says. Latray’s work with the sound factor elevated the documentary as a whole.

Not only was the documentary created, but Schulman also put together a separate video of bloopers. “It was really funny to see since the documentary itself comes off as being very serious and very intense,” says junior Sydney Baum. The bloopers revealed the less serious side of the journey, and the fun that was shared between not only the players, but the coaches and Schulman as well.
The J-D community is extremely proud of the boys, the coaching staff and Schulman and Latray for such a fantastic season and a great production. Because of Schulman and Latray, the memories made last year will be able to be relived through the film.