Make A Wish Takes Off at JD

by Thomas Edson and Maddie Scullion


    Jamesville-DeWitt High School is home to a plethora of clubs and after school activities for students to partake in. This year, Make-a-Wish Club was added to the extensive list. Juniors Aimee Comanici and Aryana Nazem co-founded the club, along with the help of Diane Rushford, an English teacher at J-DHS. “[Make-a-Wish] is a really good cause and I thought it would be something fun to start with my friends,” said Comanici. Comanici, Nazem, and Mrs. Rushford all know people who have been helped by Make-a-Wish.

    The goal of the club is to raise funds for the national Make-a-Wish Foundation and hopefully be able to grant a wish of a child with a life-threatening illness. In order to raise this money, the club has already hosted a bake sale and sold Make-a-Wish bracelets. In addition, they plan to have a bounce house at J-D Day 2016 with a $5 admission fee.

    As this is just the first year of the club, there might be some question of its continuation. Cominici said she would love to see the club continue to grow next year, and especially into the years after many of the founding members have graduated. “If I knew someone who was terminally ill, I would want to do whatever I can to help them be happy in hard times and I hope that this club can continue so that J-D can help to make the kids happy,” said Comanici. Nazem agreed, adding that they “want to grant wishes in the Central New York Chapter, close to home.”

    For inspiration to continue the club, the group begins each meeting by watching a video of a kid getting their wish granted, so that they can use that as motivation to keep fundraising and continue the club.

Mrs. Rushford also added that she would love to continue the club even after some of the founders like Nazem and Comanici graduate. “It isn’t a very demanding program and it does such great things, so I would be surprised if it didn’t last for a long time,” added Mrs. Rushford. Although they are unaware of any club similar to J-DHS’s Make-a-Wish Club, Comanici and Nazem believe that it would be cool to see a ripple effect in schools across Central New York and to be able to co-ordinate events with the entire CNY community.