Can You Find the Lost and Found?

Mia Potamianos and Jenna Vespi


The Jamesville-Dewitt High School lost and founds are bursting at the seams with misplaced possessions. Lunch boxes, water bottles, sweatshirts and gym bags are some of the more popular items found in classrooms and hallways and put in the lost and founds. The two lost and found areas are located in the Main Office and downstairs near the custodial office.

Sophomore Nico Modesti has not come in contact with either of the lost and found areas in his 16 months here at J-DHS. Modesti’s lack of knowledge on the topic seems to be similar to most students in the school. For example, junior Tommy Armenta was also uncertain as to the location and feels it should be better advertised. “Students should be more informed” on the locations, Modesti said. However, on page 30 of the J-DHS Student Handbook it is stated that “lost items should be reported the the Main Office.”  The handbook also says “articles and objects that are found should be turned in to the Main Office,” where they will be held for one week.

Junior Jamie Rieger claims that she often loses things, such as her gym bag and her sweatshirt, which are still nowhere to be found, including in the lost and found. Although Rieger is familiar with the locations of the lost and found, she has never found any of her missing items. Rieger believes that the current system “needs some reform.” Along with Rieger, sophomore Jamie Boeheim lost a sweatshirt in the fall, and claims she later saw someone with it on.

But how do items get to the lost and found? Secretary Jackie Wheeler explained that just about every day items are brought into the Main Office as lost. “We try to (bring items downstairs) every couple weeks,” said Mrs. Wheeler. The staff rotates items such as lunch boxes, water bottles and sweatshirts, so bins in the Main Office do not overflow. Principal Paul Gasparini explained that “then (we) empty it out at the end of the year, but there isn’t anyone to categorize it.” Items such as cell phones and smaller items of much more value are kept with the secretaries in the Main Office, in order to keep them safe until the owner comes to claim them.

To some people, like sophomore Abbie Leavitt, the lost and found is very helpful. Leavitt recently checked the lost and found, finding two things that she didn't even know were lost.

Many students think the potential for the lost and found is there, but it needs some help. For example, sophomore Catherine Cargian suggested that signs could be posted about the locations. Modesti agreed that posters with some information could help, and also that announcements would be beneficial. “Announcing once a week to go check the lost and found if you have lost anything might help students find their things,” said Modesti.

If you or anyone you know has recently lost an item in  J-DHS, make sure you check the lost and founds!