How Did You Spend Your Break?

by Olivia Byrnes, Ali Durkin, and Jillian Risavi

The weather didn’t bring very much snow, but that did not stop J-DHS students from enjoying a great Holiday Break. Many students went away over break while other students remained in Syracuse.


Some J-DHS students stayed home for the holiday break and enjoyed sleeping in and catching up on their favorite tv shows, like sophomore Sydney Baum. “I watched a lot of Netflix over break,” says Baum. She was also happy to be able to sleep in everyday. Freshman Mark Davis also spent his break at home and spent a lot of time sleeping and hanging out with friends. “I wish I could’ve went on vacation somewhere, but I still had a fun time with my friends,” says Davis.



This year for the holiday break, many students traveled south in search of warmer weather. A popular vacation spot this year was Florida. Junior Jamie Rieger went to Pompano Beach near Miami, Florida, which was “really warm and sunny.” Rieger said it was nice to have a week off. Sophomore Lainey Foti was also among one of the many to travel to Orlando. Foti went with her club soccer team, Syracuse Development Academy, for a tournament and went 1-2 against teams from all over the country, even  teams from Oklahoma and Montreal. Foti had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios for a day with all of her teammates. Junior Lucas Binder went on a cruise to the Caribbean. “It was really nice to be around my family outside in the warm weather,” he said.


Others that stayed home stayed busy with sports because winter sports practices continued the team's’ preparation for their season. Sophomore Kasey Vaughan also had a basketball tournament in Philadelphia over break. “We went 2-1, and it was cool being in Philadelphia with all of my teammates,” says Vaughan. Other students that play sports outside of school stayed busy as well. Freshman Ana Dieroff played lacrosse and gymnastics and said it was nice to able to focus on her sports instead of school over the break. Sophomores Joey Armenta and Abbie Leavitt both run for the Jamesville-DeWitt Indoor Track team, and they had an indoor track meet over break. Both athletes were happy overall with their results and how their team did as a whole against multiple Section III schools.


While some students were able to celebrate the holidays in warm weather, students who stayed home experienced the first snowfall of the New Year. Due to the lack of snow before this, ski resorts were closed, but the recent snowfall put students in the winter spirit. Junior Julia Cavanaugh, who vacationed in Orlando this break, was excited to see the snow because it felt like winter was finally here.

Although students wish that break could last forever, junior Tommy Armenta said that it was “nice to get back into a routine and closer to the end of the year.”