Coach Tuck Takes his Talents to MPH

By Meghan Byrnes and Morgan Brang


After just one year as head coach of the Varsity Girls Volleyball team at Manlius Pebble Hill School, one of Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s very own has earned a very impressive award. Hall monitor and assistant administrator Jim Tuck won the Coach of the Year award for the Patriot League. This award is voted on by all of the coaches in the league, which is what made it so special for Coach Tuck. He said it’s a “great honor” because of all of the talented coaches that are in that league. However, he believes that the reason for his success this year and the award is his players.

Coach Tuck previously won this award for the OHSL Freedom American League when he coached the Varsity Girls Volleyball team here at J-DHS. “I had a great group of students and athletes here at J-D and it just continued on to MPH,” he added.

There is no lack of passion for volleyball when it comes to Coach Tuck. His love and dedication for the game has grown over the years and it is by far his favorite sport to coach. “It combines everything; it’s a sport where you can be aggresive but you also need to have some technique and abilities,” said Coach Tuck. Though Coach Tuck was pleased with the award, it is not what he sees as the most important achievement for the team this year. He is most proud that he took the team to a sectional championship this year and is excited for more seasons to come at MPH.