Who is behind those Friday morning announcements?

By Ali Durkin and Jillian Risavi

Staff Writers

Every Friday morning on the morning announcements, senior Ben Vahey gives a sports review. He announces anything from the latest score of the basketball team, to the upcoming games of the following week. “I love it, I’ve been doing it this whole year,” he said. Vahey enjoys going to games because he has loved sports since he was a little kid. Many J-DHS students look forward to listening to Vahey on the annoucments, like freshmen Jung Yung Kim and Catherine Cargain, along with their homeroom classmates.

Vahey is used to this type of attention, as he used to report news on the J-D Middle School morning announcements. On the last day of his junior year, he presented himself to Principal Paul Gasparini to see if he could replace the soon-to-graduate Kyrin Pollock. Mr. Gasparini accepted his proposal and Vahey continued the tradition and became the new Friday morning announcer.

Vahey likes to attend the hockey, basketball, and football games, and occasionally attends other sports as well. His favorite sports to watch are the hockey and basketball games. “It’s a lot of fun to watch and be a part of the student section,” says Vahey.  “I saw him in the stands and he would just go crazy when something exciting happend,” says CBA- JD hockey captain Ryan Durkin. “ It’s always great to have him in the stands because he created an exciting atmosphere in the student section,” says Durkin. Vahey will sometimes represent J-DHS by wearing a player’s jersey. “I wore Jamie St. Amour’s jersey for the last hockey game in Utica, ” says Vahey.

Many other students that attend these games feel that he leaves a huge impact on both the stands and the players. “He is the heart and soul of the student section,” says senior Paddy Hagan. When Hagan met Vahey in elementary school, he knew there was something special about him. “Friendly. Friendly is the perfect word,” says Hagan.

Not only is Vahey a sports fan, but he was also captain of the Varsity Boys Swim team this year. Freshmen teammates Owen Farchione and Ryan Evans thought that Vahey was a great leader. “He was a great captain and had great leadership skills,” says Evans. At their swim meets Vahey would act serious, but he would also be cheering and encourage the rest of his team to cheer as well. “Ben gave great motivation to the team,” says Farchione. “He’s a great kid, he’s always nice to everyone,” says Evans.