Students Go To El Salvador!

By Riley Burns

Staff Writer

¡Hola! Students from all over, including those from Jamesville-Dewitt High School took flight to Rancho Grande, El Salvador on a once in a lifetime trip over February break. “The week flew by so fast and was definitely worth the trip,“ says senior Isabella Melton. Besides getting to hang out in the warm sun in February, students were given the opportunity to not only help people, but learn their culture as well.    

In order to get chosen to go on this trip, students had to fill out registration forms on why they feel they should be chosen. This trip was assoicated with the Young Life organization through Holy Cross Church. “It was fun to have spent an experience as great as this one with all of my friends,” says senior Riley Foti. “We all got to meet so many new people from Buffalo, Rochester, and other places, too,” she said. There were a little more than 10 students who attended this trip.

Other students, such as junior Anthony DiGiovanni, told in detail some of the things that they did there as a group and community of people. “There were three different types of groups of us working,” says DiGiovanni. “Manual labor, clinical work, and playing with kids.” DiGiovanni took on manual labor, so some of his tasks included  installing roofs, building latrines, and clearing area in the jungle for a hen coop business.

While DiGiovanni did some manual labor work and Foti worked with the kids, other J-DHS students such as senior Emily Hauser got the chance to do clinic work and help families. “I took temperatures, filled prescription bottles, and gave families care packages,” says Hauser. “Everyone there is so rich in joy and happiness,” said Hauser.

Junior Hannah Moore briefly explained what perspective she got from being in a country and environment that was so different from anything we have in America. “Seeing the people down there with so little and seeing how happy they are definitely made me realize that it doesn’t take material things to make you happy,” said Moore