Biology Music Video?!

Learning about genetics can be an intense and confusing unit in high school. Two sophomore girls, Alex Catanzerite and Angela Bussone made this topic of genetics easier to understand, and potentially more interesting, through the creation of their extra-credit music video.

Around the beginning of February, Catanzerite and Bussone, sophomore students of Mrs. LaTray’s biology class, were introduced to the topic of genetics and DNA. Weeks later, after receiving the opportunity for extra credit, a YouTube video was released, which received many views and feedback from teachers, classmates, and fellow students with in the JD student body.  Catanzerite and Bussone took the song “Groovy Line” and changed the lyrics to reference DNA, and genetics. “We really needed extra credit, so we just made a parody to a song and continuously referenced science,” said Catanzerite. “She showed it to all of the biology classes and the whole science department! I do think that she will continue to show future classes as she continues to teach,” said Catanzerite.

“The assignment was really vague. We just agreed to making a music video and including a bunch of vocabulary words that she gave to us,” said Bussone. “We got a really good grade on it, and it really helped me learn the words and understand this unit better.”

The two students say that this video helped them “memorize and learn the unit.” Will this be the next generation of teaching and learning in school?

Click here for their video.