Zuckerberg Reading Challenge 2015

By Maddie Scullion

Assistant Editor of Promotion

Photo taken by Emily Greenway

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg created a New Year’s resolution to complete a book every two weeks. He recently launched a Facebook page called “A Year Of Books,” where he will announce his book choices and invite the public to read and discuss them. “I found reading books is really intellectually fulfilling. Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today,” Zuckerberg told Quartz. He hopes this 2015 challenge will help him learn about different beliefs, cultures, and technologies. But will students at Jamesville-Dewitt High School take the challenge?    

Similar to Zuckerberg, senior Emily O’Connor thinks that reading “lets you experience different author’s voices and create your own thoughts, opinions, visions, unlike when you watch movies or go on social media.” Sophomore Jamie Rieger thinks that the more you read, the better of a writer you become. “Writing is essential in a lot of jobs,” said Rieger. She also believes that reading improves your array of vocabulary. Sophomore Julia Kelner believes that reading gives you creativity.  “You hear about more places and ideas through reading,” said Kelner. Similar to Kelner, sophomore Tommy Armenta thinks reading is beneficial because when you read, you’re practicing a skill that you will need to have in the future. Junior Matt O’Connor enjoys reading the newspaper and Wikipedia rather then books. “I like learning and reading usually gets me there,” said Matt O’Connor. “I think reading is really important, we live in a country where most people have the privilege to afford books. I think we all should take the opportunity to read books because there’s a book put there for everyone,” said sophomore Akbar Qahar.

Most JDHS students said they would be interested in doing the challenge, but don’t think they will have the time. “With my two jobs, volunteering, clubs, and activities I would have very limited time during the school year. I would love to do it over the summer when I’m not as busy,” said O’ Connor. The same goes for English teacher Joe Goldberg, who said that as much as he loves reading, he rarely has time for it. Unlike the others, sophomore Ben Wilson said he’s going to try this reading challenge because he thinks it’ll definitely be worth his time. Qahar thinks that taking part in this challenge right now isn’t a good idea since he’s so busy with school work, but he thinks he’ll want to try it over the summer.

On Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page he asks his followers to leave him some suggestions. Books such as the “Bible”, “Qur’an”, “Gandhi An Autobiography” and “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein have been recommended Facebook readers.  Some of Emily O’Connor’s favorite reads include “The Tenth Circle” and “19 Minutes” by Jodi Picoult. “I really enjoyed reading ‘Divergent,’” said Kelner. Qahar recommends “The Memoir of a Geisha.” Qahar describes it as the “best book he’s read in a long time”.