Which Senior English Classes Should You Take?

By Carly Stone and Abby Shaw

Staff Writers

As a senior at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, you get many privileges, one being the choice between English courses. The classes, which range from Corporate Communications to Science Fiction to many more, last only half of a student’s senior year so they can choose their favorite two.

Sports Literature, taught by English teacher Courtney Romeiser, focuses on the history and the positive and negative effects that sports have on people’s lives. “At first, we learned about the beginning of sports in Ancient Greece and then watched a lot of movies that talked more about modern day sports and their influences,” said senior Jake Eich, “we really didn’t have a lot of homework either”. “I liked it a lot, the things we learned were interesting and there were no presentations which is a plus,” said senior Julia Slisz. “I would recommend it to anyone really, not just people who love sports,” said Slisz.

Corporate Communications, taught by English teachers Kristin Hardy and Terri Eaton, focuses more on the potential business aspects or a student’s possible future career. The course not only teaches elements such as business ethics, but also throws students into a mock interview, accompanied by a mock application process and business research. To finish off the semester, corporate communications students are interviewed for a job opening by real life business personnel. The process aims to teach and prepare students for job interviews that they will one day have to go through in order to receive a job. “The interview process is a lot of work but I think that there are a lot of benefits that come from it. Hopefully, one day when I get an interview I’ll remember the things they Ms. Hardy taught me,” said senior Caroline Kopp.

Casey Ryan and Richie Vanbenschoten were able to take mythology for their first marking period. Taught by English teacher Matthew Philips, students have the opportunity to work on their college essay, read mythology books, research other countries, learn about the Greek myths and gods, do presentations and read a modern myth.  “It was a lot of work,” said Vanbenschoten, “Yeah we had to write five essays in the first week!,” added Ryan. Vanbenschoten explains that although there was a lot of work, he was happy with his choice since he learned a lot about mythology. Both were hesitant when asked if they’d recommend it to underclassman, but they agreed that when it comes to writing your college essay the class and the teacher were very beneficial.

The last course that was offered for the first semester was Reading Media taught by English teacher Joe DeChick. In the class students were able to work on their college essay, learn the media’s goals on people’s everyday lives, do a series of projects, and work with and talk about the impacts of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, News, Magazines and so on. “I loved the class and learned a lot from the different units we did. It is a good class for those who hope to pursue Marketing and Public Relations after high school. The class was set up to be like a college course and it really gets you prepared,” said senior Rachel Redmore. The homework in the class is a “fair” amount. Like many of the other courses, there was a chance to be excluded from the final exam come midterm time. In order to be exempt, certain requirements had to be met such as a minimum amount of absences and a high enough overall average. Since it was a challenge to meet these requirements, the students would not let senioritis get the best of them.

Senior year is a year of opportunity and the seniors at Jamesville-DeWitt High School  are lucky to be able to have such a wide variety of english classes to choose from. With choices like these one is always able to find the fit for them.