Halloween Costumes and Plans

By Max Chirco and Tarky Lombardi

staff writers

Ghosts and goblins and Jamesville-Dewitt High School students are soon to run amok on Halloween night.  Are you ready for the scare?

Some celebrate Halloween by going trick-or-treating. Halloween “is the only time of year when you can walk up to places and get free candy,” said junior Ben Wilson, who will be going as a precious panda. Senior Luke Rowe and a couple of his friends are dressing up as different vegetables found on a farm. Rowe will be the carrot. “It’s a group effort, and we’re gonna be Mueller farms, for Sam Mueller,” Rowe said. Mueller will join the group as a farmer. Freshman Mark Davis decided that he wanted to be a doctor for halloween and sophomores Maya Frieden, Abbie Leavitt, and Carlena Torrens are being life guards.

Many others, like junior Julia Cavanaugh, plan on roaming the streets for candy but don’t yet have a costume.

Sophomore Jamie Boehiem and her two of her friends, Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos, are going to do something similar to Rowe. They will dress up as soilders. Boeheim said that her favorite part of Halloween is “hanging out with friends and trick or treating. You know, you can never get too old,” she said.

Some students, like freshman Theresa Johnson, would prefer to stay inside, though. Johnson said a few of her friends are coming over to her house to watch scary movies. Her favorite type of movies are “Tim Burton movies.”

Halloween can be spent in many ways, and some people spend part of it with family. Junior Vincenzo Digristina is one of them. “It’s my brothers’ birthdays on Halloween so we always have a little party with some friends.” His brothers, Charlie and Rosario, are twins and both turn 18 on Halloween.

Candy is a big part of Halloween for people because of trick or treating, so over the years, people have created favorites like Kit-Kats, chocolate bars, candy corn, and more. Rowe’s favorite Halloween treat was different from anyone elses.  “I’d have to say Heath Bars,” he said. Johnson said she likes king sized Kit-Kats. Others like Boehiem like a chewyer candy like sour patch kids.