New Technology Checked in at the J-DHS Library

Jillian Risavi

Assistant Editor for Promotion



The Jamesville-Dewitt High School Library has checked in new equipment and new spaces. Librarian Mary Panek is excited to welcome students and staff to venture into the updated library that now includes more than just books for its community.

One of Ms. Panek’s top priorities is to bring more people into the library, making it another helpful resource that students can use for projects, clubs, activities during free-time, and more. She wants to modernize it with up-to-date technology that the community will be excited to use like the five Chromebooks available to students for loan, electronic circuit units and a charging station. The small room behind the main desk has been transformed into a filming studio with all the things necessary for making and editing videos like a green screen and two flat screen TVs with Blu-ray players. The RamPage has already used the video equipment and the green screen to make the Ramfeed, a morning show that the Advanced Journalism students and members of the RamPage have created. 

However many of the new additons are in the library to help students take their minds of school work and stress like the “decompression zone” that consists of puzzles, coloring books, and board games. “The library should be what the students want it to be,” she said. Ms. Panek plans to introduce new things little by little, that are beneficial to everyone.

Many students have noticed and used the new equipment in the library already. Freshmen were informed of the library’s updates in Freshman Seminar, while other grades heard about them through teachers and other students. Junior Lucas Binder thinks the library’s changes have been for the better and he thinks it has been helpful when it comes to needing a quiet place to be productive. “The library definitely has more equipment that is useful to more people,” said junior Emma Carr, who often goes to the library after school. “The charging area was so helpful because my phone was dying,” said sophomore Nico Modesti. “I forgot my charger and I had an away game, so I’m thankful it was there,” he said Many freshmen go to the library during Activity Period because they like to meet their friends and get work done before sports begin at 3:15 p.m. This goes for many students, as the library is continuing to expand and comply with the different needs of students.

Ms. Panek is interested in any ideas that people have to contribute and is pushing to keep the ideas flowing and “the momentum going.” Ms. Panek wants to make sure students and teachers are all contributing to the updates, assuring that they will continue to come to the library. There are still many more things to come, but all in good time.