Finally Home for the Football and Soccer Team

By Olivia Byrnes and Ali Durkin

Editors of Production

The time has finally come to unveil the brand new Jamesville-DeWitt High School Turf Field that the community and the Board of Education had awaited for over two years. Sports teams including Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer, Varsity Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Varsity Boys Football will all play on the turf during their seasons.

The J-DHS soccer teams and the football team have already played matches on the new turf. The soccer team played their first game on it Oct. 1 against Mexico High School. Junior defender Lizzie Redmore said that the game against Mexico had more energy than others because of all the excitement of playing on the new field.  The football team played on the turf for the first time on Sept. 25 against Carthage High School. Senior running back Michael Schwedes thinks that it improved the football team's overall performance. “It’s just nice to have, and now we don’t have to play in the mud,” Schwedes said

Another team that is taking advantage of the new turf includes the soccer team. Head Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Hayley Nies, thinks that the girls team had an advantage playing on grass. “We have a nice grass field and I think soccer should be played on grass, but I think that having the turf is an advantage when the weather is bad,” she said. She also thinks that the turf will be better during the spring because it will have settled and will prevent injuries.

The spring lacrosse teams are excited about the turf because they won’t have to travel or play in parking lots during the last snowy weeks of winter. “I think it’s safer for us because we won’t slip and fall on pavement,” said senior lacrosse player Alyssa Phillips, who also noted that they will now not have to wait for people to move their cars from parking lots when they start practicing this spring. Senior lacrosse player Grayson Burns is just as thrilled to be able to have a new field that can be used all year long.

The track team is also excited about the new track that surrounds the turf. “The old track was hard and had holes in it. The new track is really soft and it will prevent more injuries,” said junior distance track member Hannah Butler. Senior distance track member Connor Evans believes that the turf will add excitement to his final track season at J-DHS.

Athletic Director John Goodson is very excited about the new turf, “the community is thrilled to have turf and from what I’ve heard they think it looks great,” he said. He also believes that the turf won’t improve the players’ ability because there have been successful programs with or without the turf.  Goodson is excited about the turf and the future of the sports programs at J-DHS and confirmed that JV sports and modified teams will also have opportunities to play on the new field.

The J-DHS community has spoken and the team members are enthusiastic for the years to come with the new and improved turf field.