Do you like your name?

By Tyra Carter and Milena Romano

Staff Writers

Whether or not their first name starts with an A or Z, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students reflect on the topic of their names.

Out of 266 students polled, 81 percent  like their first names, while the other 19 percent do not. Freshman Jung Yung Kim “loves” her first name because it’s different than anyone else’s. Freshman Benjamin Fleet says he also likes his first name. “It brings me back to the good days, way back when I was young,” said Fleet. Even though Fleet likes his first name, he plans to change his name in the future to “Alshamad Fleet” because of his new Muslim religion. Freshman Ramez Bastoni, who “doesn’t mind his name” says it means “symbol” in Arabic. Along with Bastoni, freshman Alejandro Fernandez says his name has a special meaning. “It means protector of mankind in Greek,” says Fernandez. Junior Riley Killian both likes and dislikes his first name because it’s a unisex name, so he goes by the nickname “Ri.” Although at times he doesn't like his name, he would never change it. “I've been stuck with it for 16 years,” said KIllian.

While many of J-DHS students are pleased by their names, there are still 19 percent who dislike it. Freshman Evan Allen dislikes his first name so he goes by his nicknames “Big E” or “Biggy,” because he feels they suit him better. Freshman Alivia Shepardson-White can relate to this. White doesn't like her name because of the way it’s spelled, so she goes by “Liv” or “Olive.” Sophomore Mackenzie Keeler does not like her name because she feels it is “too long” to say. “My friends call me Kenzie, because its shorter,” says Keeler.

J-DHS students have mixed opinions on whether or not people should be happy with the first name that they have. Meyers believes that people should be happy with their first names because “it represents who they are.”  Along with Meyers, Killian thinks that people should like their first names. “What you get is what you get,” said Killian. However, White believes that people should have a choice of what their first name is. “People should be allowed to do whatever they want to fit their personalities,” says White. Senior Benjamin Whipper says, “You should be allowed to change your name to what you want because its fun, expresses your creativity and inner self.”