Adam Doss: A Star Behind The Lens

By Bora Nanaj


Jamesville-DeWitt senior Adam Doss is not your average media production student. Although he started out like most, making music videos for class assignments, he has taken his abilities beyond the classroom to create videos that have become famous throughout the school.

The transition from Doss' “stupid music videos,” as he calls them, to his more serious videos started at the beginning of his senior year. “I realized that I could still make fun videos but have them be a little more serious at the same time,” said Doss. Doss partnered up with senior and DJ Armauni Allen, also known as “DJ Jett,” to make these videos. “He first asked me to film for him as he opened up for the national recording artist Mike Stud at the Westcott Theater in September,” said Doss. “He’s had me film for him at every venue since then.” Doss enjoys filming for DJ Jett because he gets to go backstage with him. “I've met a lot of people in the industry so far,” said Doss.

It was very important to Allen to capture his experiences on video after his DJing took off locally. “Multimedia really took off and I wanted to capitalize on that,” said Allen. “Part of being a DJ is promoting yourself and promoting your brand and Adam was really good at getting my brand out there and making it so everyone could watch it and enjoy it.”

Doss’ videos started gaining popularity with the students of J-DHS when he posted multiple videos on Instagram after the homecoming game and dance. “I hadn’t really seen his videos before,” said senior Chris Wood. “I thought it was really cool. He really infused the music well, and he got a lot of really good shots.” Many other students agree with Wood’s comments. Junior Tyler Lichtenstein says the videos are “put together nicely.” Senior Kyle Glauber agrees, saying “they’re off the chain. He does a great job with them.” Senior Brian Kelner takes it one step further; “the videos usually bring me to tears.”

However, these videos are not just fun and games, or in this case backstage passes and high praise. Doss devotes a huge amount of time to these videos. “For an Instagram video, I usually film for about two hours and edit for 30 minutes for the 15 second slot,” said Doss. For a three minute video, Doss films for more than two hours and edits for as long as 15 hours. He also works by himself for most of his videos. “I am currently a one man wolf pack,” Doss describes it. “But I do occasionally get help filming from Conal Brady,” he added.

Doss believes that filming is in his future. “I could see myself doing some sort of media promotional marketing,” said Doss. He is planning to attend college at either DePaul University, Curry College or Hofstra University in the fall. Doss is interested in studying both Television and Film Production and Media Production for Marketing. Many people agree that Doss should take this road . “It’s what he wants to do,” said senior Chris McGee. Wood also adds that “I think right now he’s new to it, but he’s already killing it. Once he takes actual classes with good teachers in college he will be able to learn a lot of cool techniques.”