Seniors: Hard at Work

By: Emily Hauser 

Assistant Editor 

Juggling both high school and a part time job can be difficult. There are a number of Jamesville-DeWitt High School seniors who put in many hours at a job in addition to their busy high school schedule. The jobs vary with the student, but each can simply be a way of earning some extra cash to spend on the weekends, or perhaps to start saving up for college.

Senior Bella Hylen works at Bounce, a boutique located on Walton Street, Downtown Syracuse. Hylen’s typical workday consists of helping customers pick out clothing for certain events, cleaning the store front and organizing or working the cash register and checking people out. “I actually love going to work; it’s a place where I can get away from stress and just be on my own,” said Hylen. A number of other senior girls work at Bounce, including Maggie French, Anna Smith, Rachel Redmore, and Maria Bussone. “I have worked there for all of high school, and I gained relationships with every single one of my co-workers,” said Smith. “It’s fun to work with all older people because you learn some crazy things,” said French.

Other students have taken on a career aside from retail, and went into the food business. Seniors Cortney Vaughan, Abby Shaw, Ally Lowery and Emily O’Connor work at Carvel, where they scoop ice cream and make and decorate the ice cream cakes. “I love my job; the people I work with are very nice and I can eat as much ice cream as I want,” said Vaughan. “We change our flavors every month so there is always something new and yummy to try!” said Lowery. Senior Austin Philleo works at Wegmans, along with a few other seniors. “I demo products for Wegmans and I have customers try them,” said Philleo.

Senior Trenajah Harris works at Delta Sonic, which is a gas station and car wash on Erie Blvd. “I really enjoy my job, and I love serving the customers even the rude ones.” “I just hate the cold, but the tips keep me icy.” Sam Diamond also works for Delta, and works as a power washer. “I like the people I work with because they’re really fun.”

    Senior Kallen Prosak works at the Dome. She sets up and cleans up the Dome for different sporting events. “I get paid $15 dollars an hour sometimes, so it’s a pretty cool job.”

    Senior Brandon Helmer works at Tops and thinks the job is really “cool” cause it’s such “easy work.” “I get to go to work and be with my friends so its awesome.” Helmer works as a cashier and also bags the merchandise.

    Some have taken on a different type of job, and have decided to serve the people around them. Senior Shaquana Lewis works at the Iroquois Nursing Home where she works with people and their dietary needs. “I once was cleaning dishes and someone told me to be careful because one of the men had lost their dentures,” said Lewis. “It’s always an interesting day at the nursing home!” said Lewis. Seniors Marissa Wilcox and Nyree Mitchel work at the Nottingham Nursing Home. “It feels great to be working around these older people and know that I am being helpful,” said Wilcox.

    Jake Parker works two jobs, one at the Wellington House as a busboy, and one at Game Stop as a cashier. “It is a pretty good source of income, and it is a good way to keep busy,” said Parker. “The Wellington House is more fun to me, (because) I get to do a lot of random stuff,” said Parker.

    Senior Kyle Naugel works at the Lyncourt Bakery in Lyncourt, as a cashier and also re-stocks the bakery goods. “It’s pretty cool, (because)  I get to take home whatever food I want. Also, it’s really cool to meet all the nice people who come in to pick up their orders.” said Naugel.