The New Year Brings New Resolutions

By Erica Noble and Morgan Berube

Staff Writers

Many Jamesville-DeWitt High School students are full of excitement over the upcoming holidays. Some students already have plans for their New Years resolutions, like maintaining their grades or accomplishing certain goals.

Some students wish to improve in areas such as their sports abilities, fitness and personal health. “I’d like to improve my times in the 50 freestyle and 100 backstroke,” said freshman Cameron Howe, a member of the boy’s varsity swim team. “I’d like to spend less energy on school and more energy on sports,” says senior Jake Saletsky. Freshman Adina Hodzic agrees with both Howe and Saletsky; “I have one resolution, and that is to stay fit and stay in shape so I can be healthy.” Junior Owen Volk also has one resolution and that is to get in shape for the upcoming baseball season.

Not only do students want to improve their sports abilities, they’d also like to improve themselves.  Freshman Brooke Meltzer would like to kick her Kardashian habit, “but I don’t know if I can. They’re just that good.” Meltzer also wants to start helping out at an animal shelter as does sophomore Kristina Bell, who wants to volunteer more by helping out at Helping Hounds. Freshman Amanda Hamernik wants to have a better view of herself and to just “be happy.” Senior Hannah Gibson is very excited to start her own resolutions of “getting more sleep,” and going on road trips with her friends before graduating from high school. “I’d like to remain colleagues with Hannah Gibson,” says senior Molly Kantrowitz .

Most students have academic goals for the new year. “I’d like to keep my grades at 95 or above,” Howe says. Senior Aliyah MacCrindle says that she’d “just like to get into college.” “The whole senior class just wants to get into college,” says MacCrindly. Not only does Hamernik want to be happy but she also wants to do better in global and earth science. Volk wants to keep his grades up and work harder in school.

Whether it’s academic, athletic or personal, the students at J-DHS are excited to complete their goals, improve themselves and bring on the New Year.