Students Spend the Summer Working?

By Emma Carr and Olivia Byrnes

Assistant Editors of Production

How did you spend your summer days? Well, some Jamesville- DeWitt High School students had the privilege of interning around Central New York in places like Syracuse University’s Sport Department and their Research Labs, as well as the Air Force research lab in Rome, NY.

The students who had internships at SU’s Athletic Communication Offices were sophomores Jack Austin, Ryan Collins, Matt Paul, and Thomas Edson. They heard about the openings from Edson’s mother, Sue Edson, who works in the athletic department at SU. In the first few weeks of the summer, they organized pictures of previous players and decided whether to save them or send them to the player. Later in their internship they were able to write articles and athlete bios, which were put on the athletic website . Paul had to record stats and write bios for players and teams for SU. “I was able to go watch football practices, get to know some of the players, and was able to go to Fort Drum where the team bonded and trained before the season. I got to see a lot of behind the scenes of the football team,” said Edson.

The internship also helped and prepared the students for the real world and college. “It helped with my journalism experience and public communication experience. I want to go into the journalism field and this job gave me a head start on the real world. I was able to improve my organization skills and writing skills,” said Edson. “I can put it on my high school transcript and resumé,” said Paul.

Junior Rebecca Shen worked in Rome, NY alongside her father in the Air Force’s research labs. While working there she dealt mostly with math problems. “I did one big project to solve a cookie monster problem,” she said of the hardest thing she had done while working in the lab. The cookie monster problem consisted of her figuring out how long it would take the cookie monster to empty all of his cookie jars. This was the first problem that she completed on her own, and it taught her to be independant. “I liked being able to earn money but I didn’t really enjoy the job. You have to know how to do math and it was pretty easy stuff, but just boring.” said Shen who would solve different math problems every day. Meantime, she liked being able to be in a working environment along side her dad while gaining job experience.

Tal Freidan was also a student who worked in a Research Lab at SU. “I started working there during the summer after my sophomore year in high school. I took AP biology and I really liked to subject and I wanted to see what it would be like to do it as a professional,” he said.  He found this job after he had gone on the University’s website and seen the work Dr. Kari Segraves had done. Dr. Segraves is an Evolutionary Ecologist and does her research on subjects like coevolution, mutualism, and evolution of plant-insect interactions. She also teaches two courses, introduction to field biology lab and evolutionary medicine. “I like her work, so I emailed her and asked if there was an open position,” he said, “When I started I was really learning how to do all the processes and helping out with the workers’ experiments and learning how to use all the technology. After I got the hang of it I started to do my own projects and work on my own experiments,” said Freidan. Freidan had worked on his own projects in the lab without any pay, until this past summer when he transitioned to a paid position where he conducted his own biology and ecology experiments. “This has taught me a lot about work ethic and how to behave in a professional setting and taught how to have a critical eye, be a researcher, and how to set up experiments,” he said.

Each J-DHS student who interned over the summer agreed that it was going to help them be prepared for not only college, but for their future work environments. Freidan and Edson also said that they wanted to pursue a career in the field that they internshiped for.