Decision Day 2018 

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Served and Satisfied

“Lunchtime!” Most students favorite time of the day. The time they get to see their friends, chatter, listen to music and most importantly, eat! Lunch time is the glorious 30 minutes of freedom students are provided each day. However the back bone of lunch time are the lunch ladies. Each day they work hard to make lunches for the students to devour and enjoy.



Looking Through the Perspective of the Co-Presidents

Ana Dieroff and Fidel Martinez are Jamesville Dewitt High School’s senior Co-Presidents. They both have big duties that they must take on headfirst to help and make our school a more fun and positive place. 

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Junior Spotlight: Eva Wisniewski

Balancing student government, school sports, clubs, plus making time for friends and family can be tough, but for Eva Wisniewski, a junior here at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, it’s an everyday task. Last year as a sophomore Wisnewski started a club called Hope For Hounds, became a student government member managing the social media for the group, on top of running cross country in the fall, being a part of indoor track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring. Beyond all that, Wisniewski loves spending time with her family.