Junior Wellness Day Is Well Under Way

By Chloe Drescher and Bora Nanaj

Assistant to the Managing Editor of Promotions and Staff Writer


When do juniors get the opportunity to participate in Zumba, drum circle and hypnosis all in one day? None other than Wellness Day. On Thursday, April 17, Jamesville-DeWitt High School juniors get to spend their morning with relaxing and fun activities. “It’s a way of exposing juniors who are stressed to some things that can help them relieve that stress,” said Student Counselor and Wellness Day Coordinator Will Hartley.


Some of activities that juniors chose to partake in on Wellness Day include Zumba, yoga, relaxation hypnosis, how to be a rockstar, drum circle and determining their personality type. During the personality test students will be educated on the history of personality evaluation and then will get to take their own personality test. The juniors were given a list and were told to pick their top three activities;n kl . Mr. Hartley will then place them in two activities for Wellness Day. The most popular activity chosen was Zumba. “I picked Zumba because I’m very enthusiastic about it, and I like to dance and listen to music,” said junior Elise Catania. Junior Brain Cieplicki chose Zumba because he enjoys “dancing to cool beat music, sweating and getting good exercise.” Junior Maggie French agrees with Catania and Cieplicki in that zumba seems the most enjoyable and fun out of all the choices.


Even though Zumba was very popular, some juniors picked other activities for various reasons. In addition to Zumba, Cieplicki is also participating in drum circle. “I chose drum circle because it will soothe my brain and make my feel good about myself,” he said. Junior Nate Shapiro was also interested in drum circle. “I like to make music so I’m really excited for drum circle,” said Shapiro. Junior Haley Ripich chose yoga because “it sounds really fun and it will be relaxing.” Junior Erin Brinley also thinks that yoga will be really fun and the most relaxing. Personality types captured the attention of  junior Cortney Vaughn. “I think it will be the most interesting to learn about,” said Vaughn. “I’m really excited to get a break from class to relax and have fun,” said junior Mack Palin.  


Wellness Day started several years ago as an opportunity for juniors to explore different types of activities that could relieve their stress. “We are under a great deal of stress, and this day serves as an opportunity for us to relax and hang with the friends,” said Cieplicki. Vaughn agrees with Cieplicki saying “it’ll be a fun activity to do before break.”  “It’s a nice way to relieve stress before AP and final exams,” Vaughn added.  Many juniors believe that they have earned this day. “We have a lot of testing so we deserve this day,” said Catania. Ripich also believes that juniors deserve this day saying “we’ve worked really hard.” “We need a break,” said Junior Xander Ferlenda.