J-D's Looking for Love

By Bob Wason and Karola Castaneda

Staff Writers


Roses are red, violets are blue, J-D is excited for Valentine’s Day, how about you? Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School are getting ready for the love-filled holiday. From buying chocolates to finding a valentine, everyone at J-DHS has their unique way of preparing.

Many people at J-DHS already have a valentine. Junior Jessica Melick will be going out to eat with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. “This is the second year we will be spending together and I am more than excited to spend time with him,” said Melick. “I am super excited to spend time with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day,” said junior Hannah Hastings. Hastings and Melick will be exchanging gifts with their significant other. “I will be going out to dinner with the best valentine this year,” said senior Rebecca Anbar.

Senior Zack Hatem will be spending this Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend and is “pumped to get some chocolates.” Junior Brady Wing will also have a valentine this year; “I’m really excited for Valentine’s Day this year because I can spend time with my girlfriend.” Senior Sam Crisalli said that the best thing about valentine’s this year will be “spending time with my girlfriend.”

It’s not only people with a significant other who will be excited. “I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year,” said junior Hillel Matasar; “my favorite part is getting Russell Stover chocolate from my mom every year.” “I love Valentine’s Day, even though I don’t have a boyfriend. I will just be hanging out with my friends,” said junior Brianna Mcknight. Junior Micah Lee will be staying home this year with his mother. They will be watching movies and eating chocolates. Lee says he is “pumped.” Freshman Zoe Pipines will be going out with her friends. Pipines enjoys Valentine’s Day but she is least excited to see the “couples that show too much PDA.”

But not everyone in J-DHS is excited for Valentine’s Day. “I really don’t care about Valentine’s Day that much. Hopefully somebody gets me some chocolate, though,” said junior Joe Murphy. Junior Tyler Lichtenstein feels the same way as Murphy. “I didn’t even know Valentine’s Day was coming up. Maybe I’ll facetime some old girlfriends,” said Lichtenstein. Freshmen Jake Brazie shared the enthusiasm of Murphy and Lichtenstein. “I’m not doing anything. I’ll just go home and sleep,” said Brazie.

So, keep your hearts open, J-D. No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s always full of surprises.